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    Has anyone been able to get a working patched androidwear app?

    I just got a new moto 360 and I just wanted to activate it without any of the phone functions. All I want is for it to act as a watch, but in order to do that I need to activate the watch through android wear

    I have an android phone at home, but im not at home right now and the feeling of getting something new and you cant even use it yet really urks me.(wont be another week till im home)

    I have an iphone but I found out android wear works only with watches with 1.3 and higher, though the moto 360 comes with 1.1 out of the box.

    Ive tried the cobalt method but I just cant get past the "please update the Google app from the play store" popup

    Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated, otherwise I can wait the week
    09-06-15 11:15 PM

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