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    Hi all

    I gather I'm not the only one to have discovered the excellent Android version of this mapping app (oddly I can't get the Blackberry version to display any maps!) - so wonder if anyone might have worked out this:
    By default maps download to the device, not the memory card. This obviously means the device memory fills quite quickly. I can find the option to change the memory location - but changing it doesn't seem to work for me.

    The menu option is Data Storage Folder and the default value is "/mnt/sdcard/osmand" - though in fact maps appear to be stored at "device/misc/android/osmand". There's no way to browse to a new folder in OsmAnd.

    Anybody got any ideas to get them onto the SD card on a Blackberry? Mine is a Classic.

    Separately, when I try to download countours it always gives an error message - anyone come across this and know away around it?

    Thanks very much in advance for any help!
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    06-20-15 01:27 AM
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    Is the path to set in osm for the maps stored on an ad card /media card/MapsOsm/osmand

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    06-22-15 11:45 AM
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    Sorry for typos. On a train with bad coverage

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    06-22-15 11:46 AM
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    Thank you very much indeed - that is hugely helpful and I'm pretty sure I'd never have worked it out for myself! It took about an hour for the app to "copy" (actually move) all the relevant files to the new location as it offers to do - and I thought it wasn't going to work when firstly I closed the app by mistake while it was working, and then when it had finished it didn't seem to work, but I've rebooted my phone and now it does work and I have 63% of my device memory free now, vice about 10% before.

    I'm monumentally grateful to you!

    PS At least Dutch trains have wi-fi... I've just got off one, as coincidence would have it!
    06-22-15 02:48 PM
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    I too am more used to the ns trains but was in the UK and.......

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    06-23-15 07:47 AM
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    Aha, that makes sense! ;-)
    06-23-15 07:50 AM
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    With OSMAND 2.6.3 i am not able to see the folder from the bb file explorer, neither Ghost commander or total commander.

    App works well and maps download but it is annoying not being able to control the files.
    From device monitor I can see that OsmAnd is using 500Mb and I have the button "Clear data"

    Even using the app Diskusage, which help to find wasted storage i cannot find this files.

    BTW I know that some Blackberry native apps can store data in the apps memory, so the user is not able to access to these files from a fileexplorer or pc.
    Is possible that no native apps can store in this memory?
    any idea?¿
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    08-11-17 06:38 AM

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