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    Hallo everyone,

    I want to share google maps app here.
    I found there are many clones in BB world, but non is satisfying. Since the actual android version available requires play services, it is either impossible to install it or requires a patched version of the play services to be installed on your BB10 device.

    To circumvent this, I grabbed an older version from my old rooted android phone I have at home. This version (6.14.4) is old enough to be independent from play services, but delivers full functionality. (I am german, so I am not sure if english language will be available. Might be the app adapts to the language setting of the OS. On the other hand, there is not much text written in the menu. So you might want to use this although it is set to german.)


    You can install it by copying the apk file to your SD card and sideload it from there.

    If you want to do this your one, you need a rooted android (google about it, when you don't know what this is).
    Navigate to /data/app and copy the desired app to the androids SD card. From there you can push it to your BB10 device.

    I hope this is usefull for some people.

    For some german friends around here I can also offer the "Bahn app" of the Deutsche Bahn. This is a very usefull app telling you when trains arrive in Germany.
    Also free of play service requirements

    DB Bahn app:

    I want to emphazise, that both apps are free software. Available from Play Store some time ago.
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    My Google maps works on my z30. Installed with snap from Google play store (no patching) and I update to latest version regularly . I do not log in thou, and at some point one of the updates broke the ability to set Google maps as default app for map services. I do use the application just fine thou including turn by turn navigation. Do you mean that you can't log in to your Google account or use offline maps which appearantly don't work?

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    09-17-16 12:39 AM

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