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    Hi all,

    I'm looking to confirm whether other Mi Band users have same experience I am having.

    A-Passport os 10.3
    B-Z10 os 10.2.1 (not working)
    C-Z10 os 10.3
    D-mi band #1
    E-mi band #2

    Running the mi band application
    -runs on A and C but not B. It has a warning that the OS version needs to be 4.4, but has an OK button anyway
    -does not run on B. Same warning, but instead of an OK button there is only an exit button

    -both D and E were in close proximity when trying to pair them inside the app. This was causing problems. Sometimes it wouldn't find it. And sometimes it finds it but throws up an error saying there are too many mi bands around.
    -had to move to complete opposite side of house to pair successfully
    -it seems to periodically lose the pairing status. I don't know why. Normally have to close and reopen the app.
    -both D and E appear in bluetooth scanning process of the os 10. You can pair them that way but I'm not sure if that works if you don't pair in the app
    -it seems I do not need to enter and security pin or anything to pair. So if some stranger wants to pair with you mi band I don't think he will have any trouble doing that.
    -worried the apps are going to get the two mibands mixed up with that pairing lack of security

    Call vibrate on miband
    -it works.

    Vibrate alarm
    -it works.
    -but it seemed to keep snoozing and going off again for up to an hour after I woke up. No idea why it does this. Either I don't know how to end the alarm, or it thinks I'm still sleeping.

    -obviously not working. Mi phones only.

    Step counter
    -widely inaccurate.
    -In the 2 hours before bed it counted 400+ steps. Between bed and morning over 60 steps.
    -it counted my dash up the 10 stairs as 5 mins of running (generous)

    Sleep counter
    -looks pretty accurate. Hard to say. It did catch my wake period when my kids needed attention. But not sure it recognized my 'awake in bed' periods... unless it calls that 'light sleep'.

    -worth a buy at $20
    -might want to consider 1 per household. I'll let you know how my dual band works out in the long run

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    01-20-15 07:34 AM
  2. incongruent's Avatar
    Update: Some of those android notifications are suddenly working. I don't know what is different, but for some reason some of those android apps started buzzing my miband on notifications this morning. I had configured to ZOIP app to flash and vibrate on notifications previously and it never worked. But a couple days ago I think I reenabled the BLENotificationService in the android settings again (accessible from Ghost Commander). And now it works!!! For now. Weird.

    FYI. Still annoying that I only get notifications from android apps. No BBM, email,nor whatsapp for some reason (even though that's an android app it doesn't appear in the notification area of the mi app ). I doubt there's much I can do about that unless anyone knows of a way to plug the emails from BlackBerry into the android OS somehow. (Lol Blend connected to itself?)

    Posted via CB10
    01-30-15 08:40 AM
  3. phantomenix's Avatar
    Hi , Thanks for the info! I got my miband left in the drawer after upgrading to the Passport. Glad it works!

    Where can i find the APK tho?
    04-15-15 10:17 PM
  4. incongruent's Avatar
    http://en.miui.com/thread-53761-1-1.html. You must reply to see the apk for download for some reason there.

    Posted via CB10
    04-17-15 05:35 AM
  5. nisarakramrocks's Avatar
    band is not connecting to my blackberry q10 tried a lot.. any guess what may b the problem?
    08-09-15 04:37 AM
  6. incongruent's Avatar
    You have to try a few times. If there's more than one miband in the house take them to opposite ends of the house when pairing.

    Posted via CB10
    08-09-15 08:16 AM

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