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    With the 10.2 leak, we have a 'Device Monitor' as a new feature under Settings > App Manager.

    A useful tool that can be used to see what is idle and what is using CPU and memory. This is also a good tool to see what app is using up the battery in the backgeound.

    For some sideload app, even when you close the active frame, you will notice in the 'Device Monitor' that the sideload app is still running in the background. Even a long press in the 'Device Manager' to bring up the stop command might not stop the process.

    In this situation, it's best to use 'Ghost Commander'. Warning: I am not responsible for what you do below.

    -open up BlackBerry World app
    -search for "ghost commander" and download it, it's free
    -open Ghost Commander app, it will probably default to the directory "/mnt/sdcard"
    -click on the 3 vertical dots on the bottom right corner, a menu will appear
    -click on "location" and choose "Home"
    -click "Applications"
    -find the app that you would like to close
    -long press on it and a menu will appear
    -choose "Manage"
    -a new screen will appear
    -tap the 'Force Stop' button
    -Check 'Device Monitor'

    "Smart Audiobook Player still appears in 'Device Monitor' after closing the active frame and stopping it in 'Device Monitor':
    Making sure sideload app is closed-img_00000342.png

    Find the sideload app in Ghost Commander:
    Making sure sideload app is closed-img_00000343.png

    Long press on it and a menu will appear and choose "Manage":
    Making sure sideload app is closed-img_00000345.png

    Tap on 'Force Stop':
    Making sure sideload app is closed-img_00000347.png

    Check out my "Facepalm" channel: C0001F676
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    Good tip!

    The android runtime itself is headless.. so sideloaded apps don't follow the same rules as native apps, and definitly be a drain on the battery if you aren't a little mindful.
    08-26-13 02:06 PM
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    Sounds like something I need! Good instructions. Thanks
    08-26-13 02:07 PM

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