12-20-16 09:57 PM
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  1. dyee578's Avatar
    This is my first blackberry since owning the storm almost 5 years ago. I am thrilled to have the z30 but the fact that 1) alarm.com and 2) swannview is not available in the app store (for this device) is a deal breaker for me as I use them for my business. When I had my first blackberry, I had a store put those apps (which from what I remember were for the iphone) onto my phone. I would like to do the same with this but do not have the playbook and am confused by the instructions. Is there anyone out there who can recommend where I can bring or send my new z30 in to have those 2 apps sideloaded assuming it is possible? The store that helped me the first time has since closed and I do not want to return this phone if I can help it. Many thanks in advance for any suggestions, these apps are so important I have no problem paying someone or a store to do this for me.
    11-29-13 12:44 AM
  2. duude88's Avatar
    Sideloading apps onto BlackBerry's is extremely easy to do, even if you're not a techie. There is really no reason to pay someone to do it for you. CrackBerry has a great article on the subject, just follow the instructions and you're good to go

    Posted via CB10/Q10
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    11-30-13 04:41 AM
  3. FSeverino's Avatar
    You can also check the very first post in this thread for a couple of ways to sideload and some of the apps to use.

    I haven't updated the main list in a while, but the last 10 pages or so have a few new apps that you may want to look at.

    If you need help just post in here and we will get to it asap.

    Posted via CB10
    12-02-13 07:12 AM
  4. websterny's Avatar
    This is a sizable collection of BAR files that tested with Blackberry OS10.2 on my Q10. I was unable to upload this archive to one of the major torrent sites (if someone else know how to do it feel free), which means that the torrent will only stay alive if others seed it. If you download this torrent I hope you'll keep it seeded for as long as you can so others can get the most from their Blackberries. Here is the link (if you paste into your browser it should launch uTorrent and start the download):


    Sideload tutorials:
    Sideload tutorial using Chrome extension:
    Sideload Android apps to your BlackBerry 10 device using Google Chrome | CrackBerry.com
    [This is a very easy process, but the tutorials leave out steps that can make it frustrating. This link is a passable tutorial, but you must note that (i) you'll want your computer and your BB on the same wifi network and (ii) to find the IP address required to be entered in the box at the top of the Chrome extension, you'll need to go to setting on your BB: Settings » About » Network » Wi-Fi or USB » IPv4 [ignore the numbers after the "/"). Once set up, it's a simple drag-and-drop process.]*

    This is a list of the fils I found to work (contained in the download/torrent link above):
    _BB10 LIST OF Sideload Apps_WORKING
    _Key apps - Navigation
    BingMaps [perfect].bar
    Google_Maps_6.14.1_BB10_Maps-Core [special BB mod, stable, recommended].bar
    Mapquest_v1.8.1 [great].bar
    maverick.lite_v2.2_codesector [offline GPS maps with tracking].bar
    Nokia HERE (excellent nav, browser link)
    x_Google_Maps_1.936 bld 19_BB10_Maps [good but unstable, settings crashes].bar
    x_net.osm+ Free_v1.4.1.20beta [Unstable; Open Streets Maps_Offline].bar

    _Key apps - Other
    bloomberg-android [perfect; NOTE Native version now available].bar
    craigslist_Ver_3.24 [perfect].bar
    ebay.mobile_v1.0.29.0 [perfect].bar
    Evernote_5.1 [perfect].bar
    flyersoft.moonreader_v1.9.9 [perfect].bar
    Grace - learn what you love 0Excellent Online coursese]
    Hopstop_v1.01 [perfect].bar
    IMDB [perfect].bar
    instagram [perfect but top row of buttons obscured on Q10].bar
    meetup_v1.0.95.0 [great].bar
    netflix-mediaclient 1.8 build 561 [perfect].bar
    ogqcorp.tpa_Ted Talks_TedAir_v1.0.121206 [video, perfect, great controls].bar
    PayPal_2.2 [perfect].bar
    PicasaTool_5.2.0.2 [PERFECT].bar
    Plume for Twitter [perfect]_v5.21.bar
    RecipeSearch_v3.23 [perfect].bar
    tripadvisor.tripadvisor_v3.0.1 [may crash in initial install].bar
    trixiesoft.clapp Craigslist_v1.0.31.0.bar
    Tumblr_3.3.2 [perfect].bar
    urbanspoon [perfect].bar
    v2_je.yelp.free_1_102 [yelp mobile v1.02 web app all functions work].bar
    Words with Friends [good].bar
    Yelp [v. 4.4.1 Sept 9, 2013, great but no bookmarks or monocle; monocle works w debug token].bar

    _Key apps - PodCast & Audiobook
    astroplayerbeta_v1.135.145 [PERFECT].bar
    BeyondPod Podcast Manager_v3.1.39 [great but won't accept pro license key].bar
    MortPlayer_Audio_Book_0.8.6 [perfect].bar
    Podtrapper_v1.0.7.0 [perfect].bar
    x_ak.alizandro.smartaudiobookplayer_v1.4.18.62 [v good but no SD support].bar
    x_BeyondPod Podcast Manager_v3.1.36 [great, license key prob for pro].bar

    Debug Token - Working
    BrotheriPrintScan_v1.11.02 [works with debug token method].apk
    Clone Camera v1.5.4 apkmania.com [paid].apk
    Clone Camera v1.5.4 apkmania.com [paid].bar
    Color Booth Pro v1.2.9 apkmania.com.apk
    Color Booth Pro v1.2.9 apkmania.com.bar
    HD Panorama+ v2.00 apkmania.com.apk
    HD Panorama+ v2.00 apkmania.com.bar
    Pandora® internet radio.bar
    Yelp 4.4.1 Sep 9, 2013.bar

    Other apps
    3D camera.pro_v1.0.386.0.bar
    American Airlines_v2.4.2040000 [perfect].bar
    angeloid.Ted Talks_v1.12 [video, v good but Ted Air is better].bar
    AVR_Remote_v1.0.104.0 [Marantz Denon_great].bar
    BGR_v1.0.1.2 [Boy Genius Report].bar
    bojandevic.ubergenius_v1.3 [brain games].bar
    booking.com hotel search_v3.9.7.43.bar
    chess for Android_v4.2.bar
    CNN Money [perfect, text & video].bar
    ConvertPad - Unit Converter_2.6.bar
    Dropbox_v2.3.1.230100 [newer versions don't work].bar
    duolingo-18-v1.01 [language learning].bar
    exavore.Rfi remote for Roku_rokumote_v2.10 [simple, works perfect].bar
    flipboard.app_v2.0.5 [beautiful].bar
    French Dictionary - Offline_v1.9.3.bar
    Google Sky Map [perfect].bar
    Google Translate_v2.7 [excellent, written and spoken translation].bar
    iremote.android.itunes_v3.1 [server for PC only].bar
    kep.iRemote.free_v1.1.0 [would not connect to iTunes].bar
    Kingsoft-Office_5.1 [good but only docs in misc/android folder].bar
    knickerbockerapps.schednyc_v1.0.46.0 [MTA train status, very good].bar
    Learn French Phrasebook_v2.1.bar
    Listen Audiobook Player [works but unstable].bar
    lulo.scrabble.classicwords_v1.5.5 [perfect].bar
    News Republic_v3.1.6.bar
    OpenSignal_3G 4G WiFi maps [v good, adv funcs not available].bar
    org.dayup.stocks_v2.2.2 [good but sync w Google Fin not working].bar
    pinterest_v1.6.2 [perfect].bar
    Pocket.Readitlater.pro_v4.6.3 [great].bar
    Pulse News_v3.1.8 [News Aggregator, crash on 1st launch then OK].bar
    Relmtech.Remote_ Unified Remote_v2.9.1 [Server for PC only].bar
    Seeking Alpha Dividend_v1.1.0.bar
    Seeking Alpha Portfolio_v3.5.5 [excellent].bar
    Seeking Alpha Tech_v1.1.0.bar
    shazam-android [excellent].bar
    SignNow_1.52 [add signature to PDFs, great].bar
    sixones.remote_ Remote+ for Plex, XBMC, Boxee_v0.6 [could not connect].bar
    springpad [perfect].bar
    talkray-client-text call [good].bar
    tinder_v2.0.1 [seems perfect].bar
    tm.app.worldClock_v1.0.148.0 [great].bar
    TradeKing_v1.0.3.0 [web app].bar
    treemolabs.apps.Rick Steves Audio Europe_v1.0.7.0.bar
    tripadvisor.android.apps.cityguide.amsterdam_v4.0. 1.bar
    tripadvisor.android.apps.cityguide.london_v4.0.1.b ar
    tripadvisor.android.apps.cityguide.newyorkcity_v1. 0.30.0 [great].bar
    v2_com.tradeking.mobile_1_9 [v.2.1.0 perfect].bar
    visualit.zuti.nycLite_v2.1.7 [NY Subway router].bar
    waring.NYC Transit Status.MTAStatus_v1.0.2.0.bar
    Yahoo Finance_v1.1.9.1187014080 [unstable].bar

    Paris Metro & Guides
    Metro 01 Paris_v2.3.2 [Metro, RER, tram, transilien].bar
    ParisBusMetroTrain_v1.0 [map only].bar
    Tripadvisor Cityguide Paris_v4.0.1 [excellent].bar
    Visit Paris by Metro - RATP v1.0.1 [v useful but navigation reqs Google Play Servs].bar
    Zuti ParisLite_v2.1.4 [Paris Metro router].bar

    x_Older versions working
    x_[old version] com.tripadvisor.tripadvisor_v2.6 [perfect].bar
    x_[older vers]_Google Maps with Navigation v1.64.bar
    x_[older vers]_Google Maps with Navigation v1.936 bld 16.bar
    x_com.chriskonieczny.RoMote_rokuremote.ui_v1.0.1.0 [could not connect].bar
    x_com.jetshred.plexremote_v1.0.1 [works but bottom buttons cut off on Q10; didn't test server].bar
    x_com.tallsnail.newyorker_v1.0.3.0 [installs but doens't download material].bar
    x_Google Maps Plus_gps.voice_.navigation.gmapsplus_1 [works but no voice recg, no key bd input].bar
    x_Pinterest_1.5.4 [percfect].bar
    x_Roku_v2.1.2065609 [works but would not connect].bar
    x_super mario [poor gameplay].bar
    x_yelp_v4.2.0.808703 [good but bookmarks req google play services].bar
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    12-02-13 05:30 PM
  5. FSeverino's Avatar
    Daaayum lol

    Posted via CB10
    12-02-13 11:52 PM
  6. heading4tomorrow's Avatar
    I asked a few times, I don't understand why nobody is responding

    Does Amazon app's barcode reader work when sideloaded?
    Also, can we now use google maps and not have it reset every time screen goes to sleep? I had that problem last time with Z10, when the screen went to sleep or when I had to switch apps, google maps would reset back to home screen of the "Google Latitude" app.
    12-04-13 12:50 AM
  7. FSeverino's Avatar
    I haven't seen the Barcode reader app. I'll try to check for it tomorrow. I do know there are other ones though.

    As for maps, I have used it without problems... i know a lot of people are saying different. honestly, I prefer Waze for driving directions over any app. Period.

    If you need public transportation directions that's a different story. Try Maps again and see what happens, let us know.

    We have to work as a team.

    Posted via CB10
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    12-04-13 12:55 AM
  8. Denise in Los Angeles's Avatar
    Hi FS, the link for Words With Friends doesn't work. Do you have a .bar file for me to try?

    Edit: My Words With Friends is working now, but still want to let you know to update the link on your first post.

    Last edited by Denise in Los Angeles; 12-04-13 at 12:25 PM.
    12-04-13 09:43 AM
  9. heading4tomorrow's Avatar
    I haven't seen the Barcode reader app. I'll try to check for it tomorrow. I do know there are other ones though.
    I am referring to Amazon app's barcode reader/price finder
    Amazon has this on their app, but in the past (in 10.x) the camera did not work with sideloaded amazon android app, so we could not scan barcodes using Amazon. Could you please try this and scan some random items?

    List of sideloaded apps working on BB10!-8d60e8d291e5c97c11f64d136ccbc67f.png

    As for maps, I have used it without problems... i know a lot of people are saying different. honestly, I prefer Waze for driving directions over any app. Period.
    If you need public transportation directions that's a different story. Try Maps again and see what happens, let us know.
    No, I don't need driving directions, public transportation, or anything else.
    I rely on Google Maps for Traffic Conditions and finding nearby stores. Waze is OK but I really like the great interface and one-hand usability of Google Maps (Tap tap slide for zoom in/out, I hope that also works on BB10). Thank you so much for checking.

    We have to work as a team.
    12-04-13 11:36 AM
  10. guton83's Avatar
    All checked on Q10

    Filmweb, Feedly, Allegro, Trip Advisor, Google Translate (not perfect)

    Not working:
    Payback PL, Ceneo, Google Drive, Google Keep
    12-05-13 02:04 AM
  11. drt_3770's Avatar
    does anyone know where i can get Digitally Imported Radio (di.fm) for the z10? im running os, software release
    12-10-13 11:07 AM
  12. heading4tomorrow's Avatar
    I haven't seen the Barcode reader app. I'll try to check for it tomorrow. I do know there are other ones though.

    As for maps, I have used it without problems... i know a lot of people are saying different. honestly, I prefer Waze for driving directions over any app. Period.

    If you need public transportation directions that's a different story. Try Maps again and see what happens, let us know.

    We have to work as a team.

    Posted via CB10
    Were you able to test them yet? (see my post above)
    12-11-13 12:23 AM
  13. dracolnyte's Avatar
    anyone have new pvz2 update? anyway i could update it and save my progress as well?
    12-12-13 10:43 PM
  14. FSeverino's Avatar
    Were you able to test them yet? (see my post above)
    Maps seems to be working on my Z10, i dont have the beta OS and im living in canada... not sure if those would change the outcome.
    12-15-13 12:04 PM
  15. Nette33's Avatar
    Has anyone got Line to work on z10 mine only receives and sends texts but displays error when trying to make a call please help!!!
    12-16-13 03:12 AM
  16. MrC05's Avatar
    Has anyone converted the following apps already:

    Runtastic - Pull Ups, Squats and Six Pack Abs

    If not, can i have these converted please?


    Also if I could get the following apps converted along with the above:

    12-20-13 04:12 AM
  17. MrC05's Avatar
    I learned that the ADP app had been converted and thanks for that. What about the Bank of America App and the Money Network app?

    Can I get an answer on those?
    12-20-13 04:16 AM
  18. FSeverino's Avatar
    Guys, I know this may be a bit confusing, but this thread was only to discuss working/nonworking apps. I'd you need an app converted, you are more then welcome to post here, but you may have better luck in Lendo's thread.

    Posted via CB10
    12-20-13 08:19 AM
  19. mvpcrossxover's Avatar
    update blackboard link for a broke student please?
    12-22-13 02:54 AM
  20. emily marshall's Avatar
    Is there anyway to sideload apps where you don't have to use a computer, I really need Hsbc app but can't get to a computer xx

    Posted via CB10
    12-22-13 02:41 PM
  21. Alphatrion99's Avatar
    Install one of the leaked OS and download snap and it's even easier.


    Posted via CB10
    12-24-13 11:15 AM
  22. FSeverino's Avatar
    update blackboard link for a broke student please?
    Does it not work for you? I just logged into mine but I don't have any courses listed as I'm done.

    Posted via CB10
    01-02-14 03:48 PM
  23. kishansiva's Avatar
    Hello. Are the sideloaded apps working fine without any compatibility isues ?
    01-03-14 06:48 AM
  24. RemixIt's Avatar
    Sorry if this has been covered but I cannot find a working copy of Ingress anywhere!
    Ive tried several .apks and tried converting to .bar as well, always get either an error while installing or an error immediately after loading
    Im mising a step somewhere...something to do with playstore?
    01-09-14 01:57 PM
  25. MistahMan's Avatar
    What's the difference between regular Googlep maps mobile and Google Maps 6.14.3 BAR?
    01-13-14 02:37 AM
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