1. anon(9324487)'s Avatar
    I have searched everywhere, and as far as Skype goes, everyone has said the same thing: Download an older version of Skype, and then it will run a Q10, Passport and Classic with 10.3.3.#### and the newest update version.

    What I have failed to seen is an answer to why the latest Skype versions do NOT allow incoming calling or outgoing calling on the latest Blackberry OS.

    Could someone please explain any idea as to why Skype Version 7.00-7.31 will NOT work on Blackberry 10 OS devices with 10.3.3 update installed?

    I installed the latest version of Skype on my mates Blackberry device with and it works perfect! But yet the latest version of Skype does not work on any of my 3 updated Blackberry with 10.3.3, nor on anyone else's 10.3.3 devices?

    Will the latest Skype version in the Amazon Store ever work on our Blackberry 10.3.3 mobile handsets?
    03-07-17 07:26 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar

    Sorry but BB10 is software that really was never supported properly.... and is running an almost four year old version of Android that very few support either. I doubt things will get better.

    10.3.3 has brought a number of "issues", that I'm afraid just never will get resolved... as I doubt BlackBerry has the resources to do so. It is unfortunate that they won't allow users to downgrade to an older version that might work better.
    03-07-17 08:28 AM
  3. DJos3Mtz's Avatar
    The most recent version that worked for me in my Z10 was v7.34. I have to admit that I'm not interested about to test the new ones. Anyway, I don't like the lag I get everytime I open it, so, actually I am using v6.34. I don't need to have up to date an app that only offers "bug fixes" (and lag of course) with every newer version. Just saying

    Posted via CB10
    03-08-17 09:59 AM

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