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    Ever since the release of the Passport and the introduction of the different screen formats you can pick for Android apps (normal, wide, and portrait), there has been a bug in Google Maps that would cause the GPS arrow to not correctly track on the road when the wide and portrait viewed were used. In addition, the circle that is normally around the arrow was always not rendering properly. Latest release however fixed this issue and everything looks perfect now no matter the screen format that is being sued on the Passport.

    Now, why should we care you might ask?

    Well, considering the Passport was the only device (at least only flagship device) that actually had this issue, it appears that Google may have issued a fix to make Google Maps compatible with the Passport screen ratio/resolution. This could be another indicator that BlackBerry is readying to launch Android on their devices.

    Aside from that, it's nice that Google Maps now runs perfectly on the Passport, even in different screen format modes

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    08-27-15 01:23 PM
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    Has Google Maps brought back the "direction of travel" navigation view WITHOUT having to input a destination first?

    I'm still running 6.14 because that is, so far, the only version that goes into that tilted direction of travel view as soon as you starting driving down a street.

    Like this...

    Latest Google Maps update fixes long standing bug on BlackBerry Passport-img_20150127_075308.png

    Notice there's no direction path drawn over the road?

    All other versions thru all the v. 9s I've tried so far just rotates the map about 45 degrees and stays in overhead view with the tiny street names and labels and just has the little blue dot going down the street. Pretty much worthless.

    Sometimes I just want to have it in navigation mode while just driving around, and 6.14 does that as seen above. All the others seem to need a destination first before it can go into navigation mode.

    Just wondering.

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    08-27-15 11:13 PM
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    The dynamic direction view works just fine on my end. I'll take a screen capture and post it here if I get a chance today.

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    08-31-15 12:06 PM
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    New Gmaps update from Snap I got tonight shows 3 dimensional layout of streets. Incredibly helpful if you're in a downtown mega polis full of skyscrapers. Easier to locate destinations.

    It really puts to shame the native BB map. I was shocked at the contrast in usability & helpfulness. Embarrassing for BB really.
    09-05-15 02:11 AM

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