01-26-18 02:30 PM
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  1. Ftmmsch's Avatar
    @ Rubarth12:

    thank you very much!

    Until today, I tried it with the last version.
    Download --> white list --> patch --> install --> nada!

    Over and over again, i tried it.
    Every time: "Home endeing"

    I don't know now, what i can do with it - in relation to my chromecast 1st edition.
    I can try it in a few weeks.

    I wonder, that this version is much smaller than the latest one...

    anyway: i'll be back in a few weeks.

    Btw: i had the same problem with Hangouts.
    Tried it over and over again.
    Suddenly it works..

    see you later
    01-26-18 02:30 PM
26 12

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