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    Hello Crackberry Contributors and readers,
    delighted to post for first time from Paris, FRANCE.
    I am not an IT expert I am fan on BBY 10 ( Z30 running on 0S ) and have an old Laptop ASUS F5 running on MS Windows Vista with outlook 10.

    I have used my BB10 Z30 for 4 years without great joy and without any issues and still without any OS update. I unfortunately did an OS update OTA end of November 2017 with the 0S running now. It is running fine although some of my APK are not working properly ( Skype, Connect to DropBox) . therefore i would like to restore those disfuncyionning APK from previous back up files and have several questions below. I have numerous APK tat are working fine ( Deezer, Waze, Evernote, FB for BBY,Whatsapp..)
    (I have read in depth all the web IT forums to find answers to the following unsanswered Questions):
    1) If i restore specific APK ( Checked) would the unchecked APK would be erased or would those APK currently installed on my BB10 will remain untouched?

    2)As i couldnot connect to my Linkedin APK since 12/1/17 and without knowing that BBY stopped maintaining BBY on BB10 , thru BB World , i distinstalled Linkedin APK. Unfortunately it suppressed all useful linkedin informations ( Pic, Bio deails..) that indented my 4000 contacts in my Phone Address book. I have since reinstalled the linkedin APK thrU BB World but as BB 10 is not supported in the APK, I cannot connect anymore to linkedin thru the APK and therefore i have no way to recover on my BB10 all those usefull Bio and Pic information. Is the solution to restore linkedin APK in my previous Backup file ( before Linkedin stopped maintaining the BBY 10)? Or is the solution to recover a pre 12/1/17 address book + the Linkedin APK hoping that the Linkedin info figuring out in my old contact file will have stayed.

    3) Is the solution to go thru the Web Linkedin and sync my current contact book wit linkedin ?

    4) Thru BB World I have 2 APK : Dropbox ( 70 Mo) and connect to Dropbox ( 6 Mo). The first one works fine, the second doesny work. Should i desinsall the later thru BB World or erase the Icon directly ( I ask the question because i read that BB World was disfunctionning after recent OS upgrade ?

    5) the APK Skype launches but stay at the level i can access my recorded account details with skype, When i try to call contacs te system prompt some connection issue while the BBY 10 is connected to WIFI and with 4 G cellular connection. I cannot figure out if this is linked to the APK that is corrupted ( If it was the case I couldnot access my account details) and i need to desinstall/reinstall or if it is linked to my new OS

    6) Finally My Google Play Store APK is not anymore on my BB10 and therefore i cannot update APK i installed thru it. Should i reinstall Google Play Store ( I read the way to do it on the web with the dowloading and exe of 3 files)?

    Apologies to be longwinded in my questions ! Thanks for answering even to few questions. Bless You.

    12-08-17 01:18 PM
  2. FabriciusFab's Avatar
    First, I assume that by APK you mean BAR? I'm sorry if I'm not getting this clearly, but are you trying to load an entire OS and only load the BAR files that you are interested in? Can't speak for LinkedIn, since I don't use it, but you could restore Facebook BAR and it would still work, but LinkedIn may not. BB10 version of Dropbox doesn't work anymore, you can use the android one. If you want to reinstall the Google Play Store you should check Cobalt post for the instructions, that's your choice. Sorry if I didn't understand very well
    12-08-17 02:14 PM
  3. Rinxero's Avatar
    Thanks for answeing FabriciusFab.
    By APK i meant Android Applications. What does.BAR stand for? No I am not trying to loas an entire OS but only reload the disfunctionning Applications from backup files.
    Hence my first Question, if you are familiar wit the BBLINK back up procedure you can restore the Application you wish , but by restoring only those (Linkedin or Skype for instance) would the functioning Applications, that are currently on my BBY , be erase by the Restoration?

    As applications in BBY World , what is the difference between "Connect to Dropbox" and "Dropbox" ? Both are installed on my BB10 bu only the later works? Would that implies that "Connect to Dropbox" is the BB10 version of Dropbox that is not working anymore? Butthen why a BB version of Dropbox if the Android version works ? Concerning Google Play Store ( I found there Applications that I cannot find neither on BB World nor Amazon App Store ). Do you infer in writing " if this is your choice" that Google PLay Store" does not function properly? Any answer for Skype? Many thanks.
    12-08-17 02:34 PM

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