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    03-14-15 06:28 AM
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    It would be nice to have an answer for this. I bought a classic Pebble. I have no clue regarding smartwatches. I need to set multiple (10) daily alarms on the watch. They need to work on the watch while out of range of phone. At the moment I'm having great difficulty piecing together spotty info regarding Blackberry 10 with pebble classic. Any info or answers would be very much appreciated.
    08-02-16 11:23 AM
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    Good luck.

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    08-02-16 11:50 AM
  4. havaniceday's Avatar
    I managed to get it done. My Classic Pebble watch needed to be updated but wouldn't do so without the newest Pebble app which is found on Google play. Once that could be achieved, I could then get an alarm app from the Pebble app store, called Alarms++. Therefore the first thing that needed doing was to get the google play store on BB10 phone by following Cobalt's instructions on "how to install" at this link: PlayStore 10 by cobalt I had to use my computer to download the files and then I transferred the files to my phone via bluetooth. I used my pc because when I tried to download the files from Cobalt's playstore directly with my phone I kept getting a blank white screen after clicking on the file to download. It worked perfectly with my computer and was fairly straight forward to download file, link my phone via bluetooth to my pc, transfer each file one at a time, then follow Cobalt's instructions from there, after each transfer. Once all the files/apps were installed etc, I went to the Google Play store, downloaded the current official Pebble app which then proceeded to walk me through updating firmware etc. Then I downloaded an app from the Pebble app store called Alarms++ After that is downloaded, it is configured on the watch itself, without the phone. Thus all my recurring daily alarms will work on the watch & without the phone. Thanks Cobalt, for making the Google Play store available for BB. Saved my sanity!
    08-08-16 12:19 PM

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