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    DISCLAIMER: Perform these steps AT YOUR OWN RISK! The authors of this are not responsible for any damage to your operating system or phone.

    First, this tutorial is only to help you understand the process of side loading Android applications. This tutorial is not to provide any direct links to APKS or BAR files. There are plenty of ways on how to obtain these files, including Google search. Finally, we do not support piracy in any shape or form. This should only be used to obtain applications that are free from the Google Play Store.

    There are multiple programs available to BlackBerry 10 device owners out there that will side load a app for them. The most commonly used are DDPB and the Chrome Extension method. The two other less common methods are vpBB and Sachibar. This tutorial will cover how to side load via all four methods.

    Before we begin, one commonality between all programs is that your device needs to be in development mode. To do this, go to Settings - Security & Privacy - Development Mode. Once there enable development mode. If you use a device password enter it now. If you do not it'll ask you to create one.


    Now, we will start with using DDPB. You can find this program here (DDPB) Once it is installed, open the program and you'll see a screen like this.

    From here we will connect the device to computer via USB cable, and enter the device IP address (the one you wrote down earlier) and password into the boxes in DDPB. Once your device tells you it is connected to the computer, click connect in DDPB.

    Once your device is connected, you'll now need to click 'add'. From here navigate to where the bar file is that you want to install. (Note you can do more than one at a time)

    After the files are opened in DDPB, you'll now check the app/apps you want to install with the check box, and than click 'install'. DDPB will now launch a interface showing the install progress.

    DDPB will now show completed, and you will see the app on device.
    Special thanks to Kris for his expert advice on this section!

    The next post will show how to sideload android apps to your Z10 using Google Chrome.
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    Post Two- Sideloading Android Apps Using Google Chrome Browser

    DISCLAIMER: Proceed at your OWN RISK! Authors of this post do not assume any responsibility for damage to your operating system or phone.

    For sideloading Android Apps using Google Chrome, you will need to have that browser downloaded and installed on your laptop or desktop. Download Google Chrome Here (if you don't already have it).

    Once installed, you need to add a Chrome extension called PlayBook App Manager. Go HERE to download the PlayBook App Manager extension for Chrome. Once you find the extension, Click Add to Chrome. Once it installs, Chrome will open to a PlayBook App Manager page in the browser. Bookmark it for easy access.

    The next step is to put your BlackBerry into Development Mode (go to Settings/Security and Privacy/Development Mode). Toggle Dev Mode ON and enter a password. WRITE THIS PASSWORD DOWN! Now go to your Chrome browser bookmarked page and put in the corresponding Development IP address your phone is showing. Click SAVE. See an example below.

    Now connect your phone to your computer. Once your phone is recognized, click on Manage Your Device from the list at the bottom. You should see your Development IP that you just entered. Once you do, a nasty warning pops up.

    It's safe to PROCEED ANYWAY. (Click on that button). You will be prompted to enter your Dev Mode password into a dialogue box as shown below.

    Once connected, you will see a complete list of all the files installed on your phone. To this list you will want to add any .bar files you want to install. You should have those downloaded already on your computer. Just drag and drop them onto the window containing the listing. The file installation will progress until you see successfully installed.

    Once the file has installed, you can unplug your phone and you now have your new app!
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    Part Three- Sideloading Android Apps via vnBB10


    Now you already have directions for the two most popular ways to sideload Android Apps to your Z10 but here is another: Use a utility app called vnBB10. In order to do this, you will need to download vnBB10 from Here.
    Once the app is installed to your PC, it will look like this when opened.

    You also have to set your BlackBerry into Development Mode again. Do this by going to Settings/Security and Privacy/Development Mode. Toggle Dev Mode on and input a password WHICH YOU MUST REMEMBER!!!!!!

    Next step is to connect your phone to your computer and fill in the Dev Mode IP address which you see on your phone.
    This is a screen shot of my Z10 connected to vnBB10. Personal information is redacted.

    The app supports drag and drop. SO take your previously found and downloaded bar files and drag them to the white space in the app like the shot below.

    All that's left is to CLICK on the INSTALL button and away we go!

    And then, the happiest moment of all...when you see INSTALLATION FINISHED andyou know you have just sideloaded any number of Android Apps to your spankin' new Z!

    Enjoy your new apps!
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    EDITORS NOTE: I would recommend just using Sachesi at this point!

    Part Four- Sideloading Android Apps to your Z10 with Sachibar

    DISCLAIMER: We are not responsible for any damage to your phone or OS.

    The fourth way to sideload Android apps to your Z10 involves using Sachibar. This app is a very tiny app that can be found Here.

    Unzip or unrar the file and open the decompressed folder. The .exe you are looking for is Sachibar.
    Connect your BlackBerry phone (set into Dev mode of course!) To do this, go to Settings/Security and Privacy/ Development Mode. Toggle Dev mode ON and REMEMBER THE PASSWORD!!!!! (I can't stress that enough!!)

    With your phone connected to your computer with your USB canle, double click on the .exe file called Sachibar.When you do you will see this screen pictured below:

    The next step is to take the bar files you have already downloaded to your PC and DRAG and DROP them to the workspace inside Sachibar. As you drop them, they start to install!

    During the install, check your phone. It will say Software Update in Progress. Don't freak out; it just means the new bar file is being installed to your phone. As soon as it is done, you will see the screen shot below. This is what it looks like AFTER your bar file has installed.

    There you have it. Easy Peasy for any of these methods. After researching these four methods and trying them all out, I have a feeling I will not be waiting long to upgrade my OS either!! Simple to use and successful. You can't ask for anything more!

    Happy Sideloading!
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    Here is another way to sideload bar files...using Sachesi.
    Download Sachesi from HERE

    Connect your phone to your PC with a USB cable. Then open the Sachesi app.
    Here's what it looks like opened and with my Z10 connected.

    Next you must locate the .bar file you would like to sideload. I am going to load SNAP here.
    Notice the tabs at the top of the app. I clicked Install. You can see pertinent info here as my phone is connected.

    Then, I dragged the .bar file SNAP to the Install window. It starts to install quickly. I grabbed a screen shot at 50%

    Next thing you will see (as long as all goes well...) is Update Complete!

    We know you can do it! It's fast and easy! Take your time!
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