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    Well, after using snap2chat since day 1, then after using a patch version, then using the ''log in from an old snapchat version then log in on a 8.x version of snapchat'', then using Casper for (2 days) and get my account blocked, I've finally decided to create a new thread to explain my new way of getting snapchat working. T
    First, you need to patch a version of snapchat. The one you want (9.9 works). Go on Cobalt page about GMAPS patcher etc. I won't explain how to patch it, Cobalt explained it well (thanks again to him).
    Then, go on an android phone, or an ios device, or ask to someone to log in to your account and ask them to make a screen shot of all or your contacts.
    Then, go on snapchat webpage, delete your account. Then, go on snapchat patched version, create a new account with a new snapchat name (a not different from your old one if you want ! ).
    Then, add your contacts one by one or use the contacts way (which pick up the users in your contacts).
    Then, you can use Snapchat ! And don't forget : do not log out from the app.

    Tell me if it works for you.

    PS : I advise you to test this method on a new account first to see if you really can use your old snapchat name after the account is deleted. It should work.


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    Please notice that you will have to use a new email address. And if the name stays ''blocked'' you can create a new name too . It won't be so annoying, mostly if your snapchat name isn't too much different from the old one.

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