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    Hi everyone,

    My first how-to on here...I think...

    For all of those that would like to have a (basically) functional Groupon app on their BlackBerry 10, fret no more. I have the solution.

    So, on to business now. While you can download and install Groupon, it does not work in BlackBerry 10, even with OS least not by default So how do we make it work?

    1. You need OS or newer (if you have a newer OS then...what the heck are you doing reading this how-to, you should be uploading it to MEGA and sharing with everyone!).
    2. Download the newest Google Play Store APK and install it. Don't launch it, don't do anything, just make sure that it is installed.
    3. Download and install the latest version of Groupon.
    4. Fire it up and you should be good to go.

    Please note that Groupon requires components of the Play Store to work. If you remove it or you did not install it Groupon will not work. Also note that if Groupon does not start right off the bat after installing the Play Store and Groupon, close down Groupon and start it again. It will load up.

    Happy Grouponing!

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    11-15-13 11:18 PM
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    Interesting... I installed it but never bothered to run it. Thanks for the heads up. 1mobile doesn't have the Google Play Store listed so will have to track that .apk file down (or just get it from someone I know with an Android phone).

    Edit: The .apk provided here works.

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