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    "From within a BB10 file manager"

    When you sideload android apps onto a BB10 device your Blackberry creates a directory that looks like the android file system to enable it to run. Its located in /mnt/sdcard

    When I am in a BB10 enviroment, ie I am not browsing from an android app, I gedt to the dir /mnt/ & there is a simple file called 'sdcard' that cant be opened. Obviously this is some kind of fake file that contains the mock Android dirs BB10 system uses. If you open an Android app and open/save it works as normal & opens in this dir but it wont let you browse backwards into 'BB10 space' so the issue is reversed.

    I am trying to get Android to open a file that I can only currently save in BB10 dirs but I cant seem to navigate to from within a sideloaded/Android area 'into' BB10 directories.

    Does this make sense to anyone lol

    The exact task I am trying to complete is to use OpenVPN to import a opvn file. I cant get the opvn file to save in a director OpenVPN can browse too.
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