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    Hi New to the Forum and to Crackberry!

    So I have been crazy busy sideloading apps to my New Z10 and one of the apps I have added is Checkbook, its an app I use on my Asus TF101.

    I have a backup file that I want add from my tablet to my phone, by the way the app works fine, but I can't add files to it from the app within the app, but I can through android's file manager; however, this is not the case the on Z10.

    When I go to Z10's File Manger and a search for Checkbook, I can find the file location and folders no problem, file location: Device/misc/android/Folder Name, but I can't add copy, past, etc.

    When I connect usb to my pc, the external memory is visible but not the device.

    Any help would be appreciated,!
    04-08-13 01:53 PM

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