1. jrosenberg's Avatar
    I am having issue with sideloading Jswipe on my blackberry Q10 running OS10.3.1. I downloaded the app from Snap. However, when I open the app, it will not find any matches. I have played with the settings and live in a big city so I know there should be matches. Is there any way to force the GPS permissions to work with the app?
    07-16-15 04:27 PM
  2. kdhingra307's Avatar
    open app(go where it require location services)-> two finger swipe down from top to have battery icon if you see location icon nearby there then GPS permission with it

    More over app also need to take GPS permission in android os also so no need for GPS persmission and no way(I guess).

    If all not work you may try older version also
    07-17-15 01:43 AM

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