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    Hello CrackBerry,

    For a couple of days I have been trying to get Google+ to work and be able to back-up Clash of Clans' game data (to save progress). Unfortunately, even with tools provided by Cobalt232 I have got other google apps to work but with Google+.. I haven't been able to as of yet.

    So I started searching for other ways to back-up Clash of Clans game data and I found an android app called Helium (formerly called Carbon). Helium is able to back-up this kind of data without root acces along with a lot of other features. I have tried it with an android emulator and it worked fine. (Ofcourse) On my Z10 it won't connect with the required desktop software and I can't seem to find out why. I think it has something to do with the drivers required to connect to the Z10.

    A lot of people have been searching for a way to back-up Clash of Clans game data so they won't lose any progress upon any updates. Getting this to work could be a solution.

    So, I (We) need your help and maybe we can fix this together.

    I will provide the download links to the required APK and desktop software/drivers for Helium below:

    - Helium (Premium) APK (V1.0.0.1106)
    - Helium Desktop Software (Windows Version)
    - Helium Desktop Software (Mac Version)
    - Available tether drivers

    Please, let me know if you have any succes, ideas, or other feedback!
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    02-10-14 05:43 AM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Can anyone help here?
    02-11-14 12:30 PM
  3. mitfry's Avatar
    Can anyone help here?
    Thank you Pkcable, I would really appreciate all the help I can get. I am running out of ideas to be honest..

    The more people are helping the bigger the chance is to create a fix or workaround. This would make not just me, but a lot of other people happy.

    I am thanking you in advance.

    02-11-14 01:02 PM
  4. smis's Avatar
    have you tried Titanium backup?
    02-11-14 01:05 PM
  5. mitfry's Avatar
    have you tried Titanium backup?
    Haven't tried since it requires a rooted (android) device. As far as I know we aren't able to root our BlackBerry10 devices (yet). Helium does not require root to function, that's why its interesting. I am currently trying Google Play Games which is a standalone app to sync game data. So far I can't get it to work either.
    02-11-14 01:27 PM
  6. xxxmerlinxxx's Avatar
    So if we could just get past that initial Desktop Sync, we could backup to SD card and cloud services as well. I'm not sure why the Dev wants you to connect to the Helium desktop program when you could just backup to other more conveniently available locations.
    04-03-14 10:35 AM
  7. Stan04's Avatar
    We need to create an app that uses the same backup manager from Helium. That isn't hard because Helium uses the backup manager from default Android! I've tried modifying the apk with Lucky Patcher on my Nexus 7, although that doesn't really work as expected.

    We know these things already:
    - Android has a backup manager
    - Backing up apk's is already possible.
    - Drivers for Windows don't work. Even not with USB tethering on.
    - Unable to bypass the first screen (trying to connect with the pc). This screen doesn't exist of you have a rooted device!

    This weekend, I will look up some things about the backup manager. Everyone who has some experience with Android development, please join us.

    Posted via CB10
    04-03-14 12:35 PM
  8. dpgo's Avatar
    Any new? What about using the desktop app for chrome or linux?

    Posted via CB10
    09-28-17 07:00 AM

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