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    I need help with android apps on my BB Classic. I have this phone from yesterday - I love BB.

    According to Cobalt's official Google Apps landing page I installed Google Account Manager: ESSENTIAL, Blackberry Google ID: ESSENTIAL (older version from polish site - when I tried install apk from Cobalt BB showed error) and Google Play Services.

    After that I installed Google Maps, Google Chrome, YouTube and other apps.

    Google Maps - works fine, I am logging in. Every thinks is OK.
    Google Chrome - works normal, a little bit to slow, I am not logging in, I don't know why
    YouTube - shows ask for Google Services
    Others apps connecting with Google Services - same like YouTube

    I try to use method Patching your own apps - but patched apps, when I try to install it, shows error during installation.

    Other problems - Google Maps shows notification all time.

    When I made mistake? It should work fine.

    I am waiting for your help.

    Best Regards, Lucas.
    02-21-16 04:04 AM
  2. tdyhedge's Avatar
    You should remove any older versions of Cobalt's files you have installed before installing the newer ones. And you should also remove any apps you have installed before you decided to patch them. In short, patched apps cannot be installed directly over unpatched apps.

    Also, what version of OS are you on?

    02-21-16 12:47 PM

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