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    Google Play Store for BlackBerry 10 [OUTDATED]-playstore.jpg



    Long time it seemed to be impossible to install a fully functional version of the original Google Play Store on a BlackBerry device. Those days are over. I proudly present the Google Play store, with all the bells and whistles.

    Disclaimer: This is a modified/patched software. It is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind. Applied modifications: Rewrite of downloader code, rewrite of app installation/uninstallation code, patch to prevent GMS core updates, patch to prevent selfupdate and a lot of Blackberry specific fixes. The purchasing part is UNTOUCHED, fully working and remains secure.

    Please read the full post, including the FAQ, before installing anything.

    DO NOT post any direct links to the files that are found in this thread. If you want to share this information then:

    a) post a link to this forums thread
    b) post a link to my GitHub Page: PlayStore 10 by cobalt

    Thank you!

    * Browse and download your favorite apps, games, movies, music or books
    * Automatic download and installation of game data (obb files), no manual copying required
    * Downloaded apk files (free and purchased) are saved in device/downloads folder

    * Buy apps, books, music or movies directly from your Blackberry device
    * Support for your preferred payment method: Credit card, prepaid card or PayPal
    * Support for in-app purchasing: Buy gems, upgrades or unlocks for your app
    * Support for paid subscriptions (monthly/yearly/other)
    * Get refund for paid apps (if supported by developer)

    * Blackberry Hub notifications for app updates
    * Rate and comment downloaded apps
    * Multi language support (all languages that are supported by Google)
    * View, edit and clear the app downloading history
    * Add apps to your whishlist and download them later

    ...and all the other great features Google Play store offers

    Watch the great video review by Erica Griffin of Play Store running on a Blackberry Passport:

    Download the 4 files listed below to your Blackberry device by clicking on the download links. Then install and run the files in the described order. Make sure that you have allowed installation of 3rd party apps in Blackberry settings -> App Manager -> App installation. Read the tips in the FAQ if you encounter any problems during installation process.

    Step 1: Install Google Play Services
    Install com.google.android.gms. This step is very important - you won't be able to login if this file is missing.

    Step 2: Add a Google system account to your device
    Install com.google.android.gsf.login-4.3.3.apk. Run the app and login with your Google credentials. The app will close (minimize) if the step completed successfully (may take a few seconds). You should now be able to see your Google account in Blackberry Settings -> Accounts -> Third Party Accounts.

    If you want to use the patched Google Play Services (which is NOT the same as Google Play Store), you need to install com.google.android.gsf.login-4.4.4.apk AFTER you first successfully logged in with Google Login 4.3.3. Keep in mind that Google Login 4.4.4 only works together with Google Play Services.

    If you are uncertain what to do, or if you don't understand the text above, use Google Login 4.3.3 to login.

    Step 3: Register your device with Google Play
    Install cobalt.blackberry.googleID. Run the app and register your device with Google Play. Close the app after successfull registration.

    Step 4: Install Google Play Store
    Install com.android.vending. Run and enjoy the Play Store!

    All 4 apps MUST remain installed on your device otherwise Google Play store will not work.


    Google Play Services 8.4.89 [Released on April 28, 2016]

    Google Account Manager 4.3.3 [Released on October 10, 2015]

    Blackberry Google ID 2.8 [Released on December 23, 2015]

    Google Play Store 6.0.0 build 2 [Released on October 1, 2017]

    All files are available on this file share:
    Cobalts official file share

    Verify if the downloaded files are ending with .apk. If not, rename them.

    Does this work on any device?
    Play Store works on any Blackberry device running OS 10.3 or better. OS 10.2.x is not supported.

    I can't login with Google Account Manager
    Fist install Google Login 4.3.3 and do a login. Only install Google Login 4.4.4 if you are using Google Play Services. Without Google Play Services, Google login 4.4.4 CAN NOT LOGIN. If you removed Google Play Services from your device, you MUST go back to Google Login 4.3.3.

    Assuming that you have followed the instructions above and you have entered the correct password, you now have the following options:

    1) Turn OFF 2-Step Verification for your Google account here: https://myaccount.google.com/security#signin.
    2) create an app specific password and use that password to login.

    I downloaded an app from Play Store and now it's asking for Google Play Services
    Google Play services is a framework that is provided by Google to help developers to speed up and simplify app development. Some apps that you download from Play Store may require Google Play services (mostly apps from Google, apps that display some kind of geographic map and apps that require Google+ login). These apps can be patched and will work to a certain extent. Read this post for more details:

    Play Store is randomly popping up and wants to install updates for my apps
    If this happens, you have turned on automatic app updates in Play Store settings. To turn them off, go to Play Store settings -> Automatic app updates and disable updates. You will still receive notifications in the hub if updates are available, but they won't automatically download.

    Play Store doesn't display previously installed or purchased apps in "My Apps" section
    Close Play Store, then go to Blackberry Settings -> App Manager -> Device Monitor -> Storage -> Play Store and hit "Clear Data". In general, app data must always be cleared if you update the Blackberry Google ID app or if you do a re-checkin. This is required to update the localy cached ID with the new ID on the Server.

    Play Store is displaying "Error while retrieving information from server [DF-XXYYZZ]"
    To fix this problem, go through all of the following steps:

    1) Close Play Store
    2) Go to Blackberry Settings -> App Manager -> Device Monitor -> Storage -> Play Store and hit "Clear Data"
    3) Run Blackberry Google ID and unregister the the device
    4) In Blackberry Google ID tap on your email address -> select your account -> remove the account in top right menu.
    5) Back on main screen of Blackberry Google ID hit checkin and follow the instructions

    Are you logging my account data or stealing my money?
    I believe that I have quite a reputation here on Crackberry and I don't want to lose it, so NO data is logged or transferred anywhere else than to the Google servers. Your data and your money is secure.

    Is this all for free?
    Yes, it is! But please consider that I've spent hundreds of hours doing the reverse engineering of all this stuff, patching it, rewriting code and testing it. So if you really appreciate my work, I would be happy if you donate a few bucks. But it's up to you.

    Support my work with a donation:


    Currently available languages:
    * Arabic (by Iyhab Mourad Seneca)
    * Bulgarian (by D-meter)
    * Czech (by David Folt�n)
    * Croatian (by maxym)
    * Chinese (by Cyan)
    * Dutch (by Kweniehoor )
    * English (by cobalt)
    * French (by Steven Robart)
    * German (by cobalt)
    * Hindi (by karthikappu47)
    * Hungarian (by kisakos)
    * Indonesian (by Rudiantara)
    * Italian (by Federico Cucinella)
    * Polski (by Melthalion)
    * Russian (by Alexander Drachev)
    * Suomi (by sevant)
    * Spanish (by J. Sarmiento & R. I. Muller)
    * Tieng Viet (by Ngoc Anh)
    * Turkish (by bermie2000)

    Thanks to all contributors for their support!

    Google Play Store for BlackBerry 10 [OUTDATED]-img_20150519_134534.png
    Google Play Store on a Blackberry Q10 (status bar hidden)
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    Version History

    Sorting order is from oldest to newest. To see the latest changes, scroll down to the end of this post.

    Google Play Store 5.1.11 build 1
    * Initial release
    * Modified downloader code to support downloading on Blackberry
    * Modified installer code to support installation/deinstallation of downloaded apps
    * Patch for Google Play services dependencies
    * Patch to prevent GMS core updates

    Google Play Store 5.1.11 build 2
    * Fix for 50+ MB apps
    * Can now download obb files (game data)

    Google Play Store 5.1.11 build 3
    * Added support for in-app purchasing

    Google Play Store 5.1.11 build 4
    * Fix for app selector showing up after a download completed (open with... dialog)
    * Last working version for OS 10.2.x

    Google Play Store 5.1.11 build 5
    * Downloaded apk files (free and purchased) are now saved in the device/downloads folder
    * Now only supports OS 10.3.x (because of changes in the downloader code)

    Google Play Store 5.1.11 build 6
    * Fix to prevent Google Play store from giving random apk names that later can't be handled by new installer invoking code.
    * New downloader invoking code that verifies, if an app has already been downloaded to device\downloads. If true, Installation will be invoked instead of re-download. A version check assures, that newer version still will be downloaded.
    * New installer invoking code to handle the normalized apk names
    * New notification code. After a successfull download, the screen will turn on for a few secs and the notification will be shown. If you click on it, you are taken to the apps info window from where you can invoke the installer.

    ************************************************** **********************************************

    Google Play Store 5.2.12 build 1
    * All previous patches applied
    * Fix: Permissions dialog is suppressed if the app previously has been downloaded and is installed from device/downloads folder

    Google Play Store 5.2.13 build 1
    * All previous patches applied
    * Fix: Screen turning black for a second when opening app permissions fixed (caused by an exception thrown by PlayStore due to missing GP-Services)

    ************************************************** **********************************************

    Google Play Store 5.3.5 build 1
    * All previous patches applied
    * Fix to prevent selfupdate of the Play Store (fixes problem that the caused the Store to disapear after a selfupdate)
    * Fix to prevent crash if Help button is pressed in Play Store (it normally calls Google Play Services to display the help window)

    Google Play Store 5.3.6 build 1
    * All previous patches applied
    * Fix for SNK games download bug (if a SNK game was downloaded, the next SNK download called installer instead of downloading the new file).

    ************************************************** **********************************************

    Google Play Store 5.4.10 build 1
    * All previous patches applied
    * Fix for help button in settings. This now opens a secure https link to the Google help page instead of just doing nothing.

    Google Play Store 5.4.12 build 1
    * All previous patches applied
    * Minor change in exception handling

    ************************************************** **********************************************

    Google Play Store 5.5.8 build 1
    * All previous patches applied
    * Fix for Play Store closing after a download

    Google Play Store 5.5.12 build 1
    * All previous patches applied

    ************************************************** **********************************************

    Google Play Store 5.6.6 build 1
    * All previous patches applied

    Google Play Store 5.6.8 build 1
    * All previous patches applied

    ************************************************** **********************************************

    Google Play Store 5.7.6 build 1
    * All previous patches applied
    * New: In-app Billing support for patched apps (requires Google+ Whitelist app)

    ************************************************** **********************************************

    Google Play Store 5.8.8 build 1
    * All previous patches applied
    * New: Hardcoded In-App billing signature support for patched versions of Clash of Clans, Boom Beach and Hay Day
    * To use In-App billing with other patched apps use Google+ Whitelist app

    Google Play Store 5.8.8 build 2
    * All previous patches applied
    * Enhanced support for small screen devices (Q10 form factor) so that you can download any app from Playstore
    * You should no longer get the message that your device is not supported with certain apps
    * This only works together with the new Blackberry Google ID 2.2 app!

    ************************************************** **********************************************

    Google Play Store 5.9.11 build 1
    * All previous patches applied
    * Implemented App library fix, allows to update all installed apps, even if the app is patched or was not installed with Play Store. Caution: The app may not update, if the signature of the installed app doesn't match the downloaded app. If you get an error when updating, remove the installed app and then install the downloaded app.

    Google Play Store 5.9.11 build 2
    * All previous patches applied
    * Fixed In-App Billing for patched apps (was broken in 5.9.11 build 1)

    Google Play Store 5.9.11 build 3
    * All previous patches applied
    * Fixed for GMS core updates and Play Store selfupdate (was broken in 5.9.11 build 1/2)

    Google Play Store 5.9.11 build 4
    * All previous patches applied
    * Fixed downloader/installer code so that an already downloaded file won't download again if it's found in the downloads folder and has the same version number (this was broken in build 1/2/3 due to massive internal code changes)
    * New: If you tap the build version in Play Store settings, you are taken to my webpage where you can see your currently installed version and the latest available update for Play Store

    Google Play Store 5.9.12 build 1
    * New: Autoupdates for installed apps are turned off by default
    * Fix: Obb files are now handled correctly again (Error 911 during download)

    ************************************************** **********************************************

    Google Play Store 5.10.29 build 1
    * All patches applied

    ************************************************** **********************************************

    Google Play Store 5.12.9 build 1
    * Fixed bug that caused Google Play Services to download/update automatically
    * All patches applied

    ************************************************** **********************************************

    Google Play Store 6.0.0 build 1
    * All patches applied
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    Trying this asap.

    |Posted Via Z10STL100-2||
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    Posted via CB10
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    12-23-14 11:52 AM
  5. mainely_linux's Avatar
    Thanks Cobalt, this is really great stuff and quite a gift! Are in-game purchases enabled now with your new work?
    12-23-14 11:55 AM
  6. irweezyy's Avatar
    Wow that's amazing! I will be trying this out tonight

    Posted via CB10
    12-23-14 11:59 AM
  7. UnlimitedEra's Avatar
    Unable to install play store. Error.

    |Posted Via Z10STL100-2||
    12-23-14 12:06 PM
  8. crmabbitt's Avatar
    Thank you! Good present ^^

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    12-23-14 12:07 PM
  9. 00_Agent's Avatar
    Wooowww Merry Christmas!!! Thanks for the gifts!!!

    12-23-14 12:24 PM
  10. 00_Agent's Avatar
    Just for testing purposes...
    Google Play Store for BlackBerry 10 [OUTDATED]-img_20141223_142446.png

    12-23-14 12:25 PM
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    Thanks for this!

    Edit: working on passport
    Thanks again buddy :-)
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    12-23-14 12:27 PM
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    Wish u could get clash of clans to work to save progress lol

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    12-23-14 12:35 PM
  13. Leon Thiart's Avatar
    Wow I also want Google Player store but clearly I'm not tech wise enough for this, is there simpler instructions for the novices? I have Snap, I assume this is an update on Snap? Try not to laugh if I sound clueless

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    12-23-14 12:43 PM
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    Let the troubleshooting begin!! Curious to see what this develops into.

    Supporting the people's struggle worldwide via my STA 100-5, Z30.
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    12-23-14 12:46 PM
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    Do we need to reinstall all or can we just upgrade ?

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    12-23-14 12:48 PM
  16. tonytraj17's Avatar
    Sweet! Nice work Cobalt, you are true bro.
    12-23-14 12:54 PM
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    Awesome work, man, I'll gladly throw a few bucks your way for the holidays. I saw a prior post of yours where you posted patched Google Play Services. I looked through your threads and nothing jumped out at my concerning how to patch the latest releases of GPS. Do you have a link to a write up on how to do that? I assume Lucky Patcher is for *other* apps, not GPS. Specifically I'm wanting to do this for those apps that require a newer version of GPS.
    12-23-14 01:10 PM
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    gotta try this out it looks alot nicer than snap when showing others i have gplay access.
    12-23-14 01:25 PM
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    12-23-14 01:47 PM
  20. allisos's Avatar
    I was able to set up a "new" account, but I could not do "existing". It seems to skip the step where it asks for a username. I tried the menu option to login via the browser, but I get a server error.
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    12-23-14 01:53 PM
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    Login from BlackBerry settings, not from the Login app itself. Or just run Playstore after you installed everything. It will ask you to login.
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    12-23-14 02:01 PM
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    Login from BlackBerry settings, not from the Login app itself. Or just run Playstore after you installed everything. It will ask you to login.
    I did your instructions verbatim. When I add an account from BB settings, it opens a window "Google Account". I am able to create a new email there and got everything set up. I will try removing the account, and using an existing account by starting the playstore.
    12-23-14 02:08 PM
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    I did your instructions verbatim. When I add an account from BB settings, it opens a window "Google Account". I am able to create a new email there and got everything set up. I will try removing the account, and using an existing account by starting the playstore.
    This method worked. I have access to my app list now. Great!
    12-23-14 02:10 PM
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    Thanks and merry Christmas
    12-23-14 02:13 PM
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    12-23-14 02:17 PM
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