1. AsimWaqar's Avatar
    I'm trying to install the updated Google Play Service Version: 9.0.82 (032-121907432) on my BlackBerry Q10, OS: but I am unable to install it. Currently, I have Version: 8.4.89 (2428711-036). I have tried uninstalling the older version and then installing the new one but that doesn't work either. Do I have to uninstall everything like: Google Play Store, Google Account & Blackberry Google ID and then install the new one? any help would be appreciated.

    Here's the link to new Google Play Service: http://apk4blackberry.com/Google-Play-services.html
    09-23-16 08:16 PM
  2. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    There's only one way you had it working to begin with...

    09-23-16 08:59 PM

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