1. Reace Cunningham's Avatar
    How do I download Google play on my BlackBerry z10? Is there any way of downloading instagram/snapchat on BlackBerry z10?

    Posted via CB10
    10-16-15 08:24 AM
  2. jah24's Avatar
    Do a search google play service here. Or go to cobalt landing page...

    Blackberry lover
    10-16-15 08:28 AM
  3. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    You follow the steps in the post at the top of this section of the forum....

    Instagram.... yes. In fact you could just install it from the Amazon Store.

    Snapchat.... no, unless you don't mind having your account locked out.
    fpsmonster22 likes this.
    10-16-15 08:28 AM
  4. fpsmonster22's Avatar
    Thanks....Now I can download the original Instagram.

    Posted via CB10
    10-23-15 09:00 AM

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