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    Does anyone have an information about getting Samsung Gear S3 and BB10.3.3 PassPort working together? I got the Galaxy Gear apk installed to my Passport and it runs.
    But can it really find the watch and play with it? I'm asking this because I'm thinking to buy the Gear S3 Classic and I only have BB10 phone.
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    07-12-18 11:29 PM
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    Some progress. I went to local store and the salesperson let me try to connect the model Gear S3 and my Passport. Actually Passport recognized the Gear S3 via Bluetooth and even connected to it. And watch find the Passport via BT. Also the Passport's Gear app found the store's model watch and tried to connect between, but nothing happened in few minutes.
    I hope I had more time than 5 min to try the connection, so I don't know could those finish the connection. Probably have to buy the watch and try at home with more time.
    07-13-18 10:19 AM
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    Got the Samsung Gear S3. Unfortunately it's not possible to get BB10 and Gear S3 sync. They do find each others via Bluetooth but can't exchange any information. And the watch won't even set-up without Galaxy Gear app, which won't fully start in BB10.
    My solution to all this was to buy a cheap Samsung Android phone. This way the watch set-up immediately and has worked like a charm. Watch itself is just awesome and I will keep using it for daily tasks. I would replace my phones in a minute by this watch if it could work 100% without a phone. Thanks
    07-15-18 11:58 PM
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    Some progress in this case. Galaxy Gear app is still needed for a setup (can be done in IOS/Android) but it is possible to connect Gear S3 smartwatch and BB10 via Bluetooth. When connecting BT in BB10, there are three different Gear S3 BT connections in setting. If you choose the handsfree/-audio connection it is possible to use watch as a Bluetooth headphone (works as speakerphone). You can answer and make calls trough watch and also watch's dialpad works and you can see callers name/number on the watch's screen. Cool.
    11-28-18 09:46 AM

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