1. dominicloughrey's Avatar
    Hi, all.
    looking for some expert help!
    I have a Blackberry Passport SE with OS 10.3.3 installed.
    Most android apps run quite well on it but there is one app that I can't get to run properly on it.
    It is a football app which sends goal alerts. Fotmob.
    Everything runs perfectly except the goal notifications.
    It used to work completely and even would appear in the app notifications hub settings.
    Now, it doesn't. I can't get it to send goal alerts.
    I think I have tried everything and maybe, it's just not possible.
    I presume Google Play Services has a bearing on it.
    I have tried the patched version of it, same result.
    Can someone tell me if I am wasting my time or is there a fix?
    Many thanks.
    06-22-17 05:15 AM

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