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    Last night my friend was talking to me about floating apps and showing me how they worked on his nexus 5. He asked me if I could get them working on my Z10 because he is interested in getting a Z30. I installed them right there, tired them out inside Nova launcher and they worked. Each floating app or app that has several floating icons opens it's own active frame but they work quite well. The main reason he wanted to see it on my Z10 was for flash capabilities within the browser and it worked. The Z10 is a little small to really benefit from these things but it is still fun to play around with. The apps I got are swapps, floating browser, floating apps and tiny apps lite. I downloaded them on my galaxy tab 3 and sent them to my Z10. I was typing this post within the floating browser but it was a pain because the Crackberry header kept getting in the way plus I couldn't attach images.

    Anyways this android player just keeps amazing me. It's fun to play around with this stuff. I can do it all on my galaxy tab as well of course but it drives me nuts most of the time.

    Floating Apps-img_20140305_124217.png
    Floating Apps-img_20140305_124210.png

    Posted via CB10
    03-05-14 11:47 AM
  2. rahulvittal's Avatar
    Wow! I never actually tried on installing a launcher on my Z10 because I thought the chances of it working are very slim... Will do now !
    03-07-14 02:15 AM

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