03-28-17 09:20 PM
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  1. TeaBoy's Avatar
    How is the the battery life with the fitbit connected to the passport?
    06-09-15 01:37 PM
  2. nbaliga's Avatar
    I still can't get this app on my Passport to sync with my Charge.

    Posted via CB10
    Did you get the app from Amazon appstore or Snap?
    Just checking, but did you make sure Bluetooth was on?

    Posted via CB10
    06-09-15 03:19 PM
  3. dymlu's Avatar
    I have my Surge paired to Passport but notifications still don't work. Has anyone had any success with notifications from Passport to Surge?
    06-17-15 07:53 AM
  4. dawey1's Avatar
    Has anyone got all functionality working with the Fitbit Surge HR and the passport?  should have a troubleshooting department for Android app developers. I'm not receiving any notifications... thanks in advance for any help.
    05-16-16 09:19 AM
  5. j_the_p's Avatar
    I just bought a fitbit charge hr a few days ago and I installed the fitbit android app on my Passport. I didn't expect notifications to work, and they don't. I DID expect the sync process to work and it DOESN'T. It just sits and spins. Any suggestions?

    Posted via my BlackBerry Passport 
    05-25-16 08:59 AM
  6. raul5g1's Avatar
    I'm thinking about grabbing a passport soon, I've been using adidas train & run app from playstore I'm really interested in seeing how it fits the passport screen. could you snag the app and post or send me a few screenshots. I'm currently using a z10 with mio Fuse , btw this combo works very well. thanks
    05-25-16 09:31 AM
  7. NinerJet9's Avatar
    I have a Passport w the latest OS and added Google play services. I use the Fitbit Blaze and Microsoft Band 2. The MS Band syncs and gets call notifications. The Fitbit Blaze will sync and get call notifications but it's not as consistent. Neither will get text or e-mail notifications.
    05-25-16 11:14 AM
  8. relyc's Avatar
    I have Z30 and Charge HR. The app does work but with flaws (sometimes it stops or crashes), when it works it syncs ok. Notifications never work. Anyway, Fitbit disappointed me, I expected it to do some job but it is an unreliable piece of junk, when doing high intensity exercises (cycling) it fails to detect HR (especially >160 bpm), when moving my hand it counts steps, when going to toilet at night it considers me asleep, when reading in bed it also counts as sleep time...
    So, I classified Fitbit as crap and useless stuff and decided to come back to the traditional chest strap and more specific to Polar H7.
    05-25-16 03:37 PM
  9. Ricardo320's Avatar
    I have a blackberry z30 and i have the lastest software 10.3.2.. i downloaded the fitbit app from the amazon app onto my blackberry. it doesnt indicate any incoming calls, text etc? please help??

    thanks ricardo
    10-19-16 02:11 PM
  10. Leafer80's Avatar
    I have a charge 2. Using Z30, version

    I was using the Fitbit app from the Amazon store, but the version was so old I went looking for something new.

    I found the latest Fitbit app 2.45 Download Fitbit 2.45 APK | downloadAPK.net
    Downloaded right on my Z30.

    It has the new dashboard, REM sleep tracker, and it will even send me phone call notifications.

    What I can't get is text notifications, and have not tried GPS tracking.

    If anyone knows how to get text messaging to work, let us know.
    03-28-17 09:20 PM
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