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    Anyone else list things on eBay using the ebay android app and have a listing error when listing adds? I can no longer edit or list add with the Android ebay app.

    As for the BlackBerry ebay app it's gone from BlackBerry world.

    Anyone else list on ebay with the android app in this forum besides me?

    eBay listing error last two days?-img_20151029_084556.png

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    10-29-15 08:50 AM
  2. baspeed's Avatar
    So I have a z10 also on a second line. When logging in with my z10 I see that's using the older version of ebay and when I try to revise or add an item it works.

    This week I got blue screens, Link won't connect on my z10 and z30, and ebay has stopped working.

    After I get Link working I think I'm gonna format my z30 and do NO restore whatsoever to see if these issues go away.

    I never had any problems till update of the latest OS. After the update I have clean sweeped my phone twice, only restored contacts and calendar and it's not the same as it was before update. I think in my personal view Verizon had a perfect 10.2.1 or I have a hardware issue that some have said could be the issue.

    Oh well

    eBay listing error last two days?-img_20151029_091051.jpg

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    10-29-15 09:17 AM

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