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    Downloading Full version of an app on Aptoide but getting Lite version?-img_00000020.png
    Downloading Full version of an app on Aptoide but getting Lite version?-img_00000021.png
    Hi guys, so I downloaded what was suppose to be the full version of a game as you see in attachment one, however after installing the app the launch icon of the app changed to the lite version while the name did not. I am really confused. Which version will I be getting? I'll find out after finishing half of the game by if it will ask me to upgrade, but for now does anyone have any ideas? Is Aptoide against free sharing of paid apps like snap? Thanks.

    P.S is there a hide keyboard button?
    01-13-14 10:33 PM
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    Well first of all you have to understand that aptoide isn't one store, but many, you're downloading from a specific repository, that user uploaded his files so they may not be 100% correct as advertised.

    We have started a BB10 repository on Aptiode. All the apps and games there are tested by us and they all work on BB10. They also include all of the SD data. You can find more info on the store here:
    If we don't have a certain app or game you're looking for, request it and I'll test and upload it if it works.

    For closing the keyboard use two fingers to swipe down.

    Posted via CB10
    01-13-14 10:47 PM
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    I was aware of the bb10 store in aptoide, in fact I get over half my apps there. It was interesting seeing the download numbers of apps, some had 2 or 3 downloads. I expected more users since it was such a cool addition to blackberry. Anyways thanks.
    01-13-14 10:57 PM

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