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    Hey there,

    This problem has been driving me crazy for the last week-or-so.

    One of the few android apps I've sideloaded onto my Z30 is Grindr. Up until about a week ago, it worked perfectly. Then, one time when I launched it, it never loaded—all I see is a black screen, and get asked every fifteen seconds if I want to close it since it's not responding. Since the first time this's happened, I've done a non-destructive update to the latest leaked OS. That hasn't changed anything. I've tried rebooting, unstalling/reinstalling, installing other versions from others sources, and combinations of all these. The only thing that's made a slight difference is when I use an old .apk from the very first release of v2.x of Grindr. When I install this, I see the typical orange loading screen, but then the same black screen and forced close occurs. This occurs each time I load this older version, no uninstalling/reinstalling needed.

    Something tells me this has to with corrupted preference/setting files. I have a feeling if I just did a security wipe and started from scratch, I'd be all set. But I'd really rather not do that (esp. considering Grindr just isn't worth it). Problem is, I can't figure out where these'd be stored, or even whether they'd be stored in various locations, hidden and unhidden, throughout my device (given that I've installed the .apk directly, from Snap, from Amazon, sideloaded as a .bar, etc.). Is there a good way (a tool someone's created, maybe?) to just wipe all these quicky?

    Appreciate any ideas!

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