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    Because B10 is getting boring and I like to Play around with Win10 and the whole Microsoft Ecosystem, I installed the latest Cortana apk on my Passport.

    I was surprised how well it worked. Cortana was automatically logged in (I dont know how?) and was showing the latest News feed and the weather for all my Locations.
    I tried to set a reminder on PC and it was directly synced to my Passport. It also works the other way around.

    I really like that I can see missed calls in the Action Center of my PC (see Picture below; "Verpasster Anruf" -> 'Missed Call'). It also offers to send Messages from PC, but that isnt working. Cortana on Passport gives a notifican ('I will send your message to ...') but nothing happens. I think Cortana has no authorization for Messaging.

    Cortana partialy working-skizze-1-.jpg

    Unfortunately Im not able to speak with Cortana on the Passport. Its possible to start speek recognition, you can see your spoken words as text on Screen, but then nothing will happen.
    Reminders set for Locations are also not working when cortana is running in Background. I will try using cortana as 'active frame' and see if something changes.

    all in all i have to say that Im pretty happy with it.

    Cortana partialy working-img_20160702_003522.jpgCortana partialy working-img_20160702_003515.jpg
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