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    Would it be possible to implement some way of downloading and installing pre-patched apps directly from the Blackberry? So that instead of 1. wait until Play or Snap notes that an app is out of date 2. download and patch the app on Gmaps 3. copy app to phone and install?

    A dedicated server would be the most efficient solution, but legally (and bandwidth wise) the most problematic.

    Theoretically, how hard would it be to have something like Snap automatically link over the internet to Gmaps running on your personal computer and instruct it to download and patch specific apps then send them back to the phone as a file transfer?

    Or maybe Gmaps can be given a list of apps and working patch settings, and can automatically or manually be invoked to download&patch newer versions of apps and put them somewhere the phone can access?

    We're used to complicated setups (with getting Google Play services running), so it shouldn't be too difficult to get a setup working if we have the right tools.
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    Yes you are right

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