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    So I have been using ClipSync even since Pushbullet stopped offering Clipboard Sync for free, and it has worked wonderfully between my Passport and Desktop. No weird permissions, no Google Play services, just local sync via WiFi.

    However I just realised that it doesn't sync the Clipboard between only two devices, but all devices connected to the same WiFi, with the app running. And Clipsync runs on Windows, Android, sideloaded to BB10 and even sideloaded to the Playbook.
    The official website for the app is ClipSync - The easiest way to send text between computers and mobile devices with a simple copy paste, here you can read the details and get the Windows client.

    Windows client: Link to website.
    Android App (also I put the .apk directly on Mega, link below): Link to Google Play.
    Android .apk & Playbook .bar for sideloading: Mega Link for .apk and .bar.
    Usage: on Android/BB10 the app can work headless, just connect and close when it tells you to. On Playbook the app must remain open in the background. On Windows it just runs in the taskbar, I'm not sure how it runs on Windows 10.
    Now I realise this might be a bit late to really be useful to anyone, and the app is no longer actively developed, but it works very well as is!
    Occasionally it gives a Forced Close error, but that is a false positive! That app will still connect and the error only occurs on rare occasions.
    03-12-16 04:04 PM

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