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    I recently came in possession of a Google Cardboard-compatible cardboard box for use with VR apps. The apps are Android and I found them to be mostly working:

    FullDrive VR - 3D YouTube - VR app with photos and videos. YouTube searches require using the microphone and that doesn't seem to be working. It's fine for a VR demo of what comes with the app, but I needed a YouTube search/player.

    VR Youtube 3D Videos - Searches can be typed, but requires installing Google's YouTube app. Google's YouTube app won't work because of the lack of Google Services, but once Google's YouTube app is installed, Youtube VR 3D works. I haven't been able to view VR YouTube videos the way they should be viewed though. They'll play in stereo (3D), but there's no looking around. The video looks like a highly warped stereo movie.

    Tokyo VR Cardboard - Basically photospheres of places in Tokyo. Not stereo, but you can look all around.

    Kaiju Fury: Sundance Selection - Movie trailer in VR and in stereo. Pretty cool.

    The North Face: Climb - Follow some climbers around. VR and stereo. Pretty cool too.

    Jack White: THIRD-D - Plays for a few seconds then quits saying the Z30 can't keep up the frame rate.


    AAA VR Cinema Cardboard - Not very good. Deleted.


    I'm still looking for a way to play something like the new Warcraft VR trailer available on YouTube...

    As for using the Z30, the main complaint is the resolution. The cardboard box has magnifying lenses to make the image fill the field of vision, but pixels are very apparent.
    07-18-15 05:24 PM
  2. icepearl's Avatar
    how bout google spotlight stories?
    can it work?
    07-18-15 09:28 PM
  3. cbvinh's Avatar
    how bout google spotlight stories?
    can it work?
    The app says the device is not supported.
    07-19-15 07:12 PM
  4. stlabrat's Avatar
    any update? I am try to get z10 working on Sminiker VR headset and mini controller with little luck. thx.
    08-03-16 08:23 AM

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