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    whats calling
    04-27-15 04:36 PM
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    whats calling
    What's calling? Calling can refer to:

    • The act of getting somebody's attention;
    • The act of making a phone call;
    • The act of naming something;
    • Making people know you want that thing (calling dibs)
    • Many other things.

    Whatsapp voice calls are available on BB10 devices.
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    04-27-15 04:49 PM
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    The natives Whatsapp app in BBW has been recently updated with the calling feature I believe. Check it out, as it will likely perform better on BlackBerry anyway.

    05-01-15 02:16 PM
  4. lakes76's Avatar
    Yes, you can place calls with the latest update. You could receive calls (but not place them) before the update.

    Posted via CB10
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    05-01-15 02:29 PM

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