1. dmtz's Avatar
    I have just downloaded Telegram APK from Snap and I don't get notifications in the Hub when I receive messages. I have to open the app to see them. Furthermore, I don't have the chance to solve the problem looking at Settings < Notifications, because the app doesn't appear.
    Can I solve it in another way?
    (Sorry for the mistakes, I'm Spanish and I'm learning to speak in English ^^ )
    02-08-14 08:58 AM
  2. slovenec's Avatar
    Solo las aplicaciones nativas de BB10 pueden mostrar notificaciones y usarse desde el HUB. Alguna app de Android puede darte una informacion en el HUB, pero no notificaciones push (por ejemplo, MapsWithMe avisa cuando se descargo el mapa). Lamentablemente vas a tener que mantener el active frame abierto para tener algun tipo de aviso sobre nuevos mensajes. Todos estamos esperando que en una nueva version de BB10 se incorpore esta caracteristica. Creo que solo sera cuestion de tiempo.


    Just for the record, I explained DMTZ, that Android apps can't show notifications like regular BB10 apps. And the info they give in the HUB is minimal (MapsWithMe posts a message in the HUB when it finished downloading a map). I told him to keep the active frame running, as to get any sort of notification. I also told him that everybody is waiting for that sort of integration to happen in a new update. And that it's all a matter of time.

    02-08-14 12:11 PM
  3. jigg4's Avatar
    thanks for the answer slovenec.
    If i understood you correct you are saying that android Apps installed on a BB10 devie will NOT deliver any sort of push notifications if they are "closed" and not running all the time.
    I am curious beacuse i wanted to switch from my iPhone 3GS to the BB Z30. But this fact would certenly be a NOGO for me.
    You mentioned that this sort of integration of these apps might come in a future update. Are there more informations about this?
    Is this official or just a wish from the community?
    02-25-14 01:55 AM
  4. slovenec's Avatar
    It's what the community wishes.
    If you want to use Telegram and get notifications, at the moment you must leave the active frame running. Unless there's a port, or the company that makes the software releases a BB10 version or at least converts it like it was done with Skype.
    If you like the Z30, I'd say go for it. If it's as good as the Z10, it's a great phone!

    And this is being said by someone who in the past year and a half used an Atrix, an N9, a Motorola D3 and a Lumia 620.
    By far the Z10 is the best of those, although part of my techie heart hangs to the N9 (I still have it on a drawer).

    Posted via CB10
    02-25-14 11:35 AM

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