1. Yatendra Sharma's Avatar
    Speaks problem in BlackBerry Z10 automatically Plz solve the problem

    Posted via CB10
    11-02-17 12:31 PM
  2. 1122334455667788's Avatar
    Your should probably provide more details. I'm not sure what the question is.
    11-02-17 02:02 PM
  3. Nadeem Shaikh4's Avatar
    I want Google play services run my z10 mobile pls help

    Posted via CB10
    11-11-17 05:39 AM
  4. conite's Avatar
    I want Google play services run my z10 mobile pls help

    Posted via CB10
    Cobalt's file share:


    Install and login with 4.3.3.

    Install and register with 2.8.

    Install Play Store v6 build2.

    ***Stop here if all you want is Play Store

    Install Play Services v11.

    Install 4.4.4 (but don't open after)

    Install Play Games v5 (if desired).

    Install whitelist

    ***If an app requires Google Play Services, then:

    Download app with Cobalt's Play Store (but don't install).
    Whitelist unpatched app.
    Patch app on PC with Play Services Patcher 1.6 using defaults settings.

    Install patched app.

    If after all that, your app still doesn't work, then it's simply not compatible with BB10.
    11-11-17 07:44 AM

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