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    Hello, I just bought a Passport. Now I found out, that it's also possible to download APK files and install them. Regrettably many Android Apps are not available as an APK download from their publisher. But then I found out, that there are a lot of websites, offering APK-files for almost every app. Now my question is, if there are any reliable and secure ones or if all these sites are illegal. Thanks in advance!

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    02-03-16 06:02 PM
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    Please explore our BB10 Android Apps Forum here:
    Android Apps (Amazon Store & APK Files) - BlackBerry Forums at CrackBerry.com

    You will be especially interested in these Sticky Threads found at the top of that Forum:


    02-03-16 06:16 PM
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    Oh BTW, to see the Sticky Threads for a forum via CB10, open that forum and then drag down the page. AT the top you should see a bar with tabs for Stickies, Threads, Announcements.
    02-03-16 06:18 PM
  4. JoeMeekFan's Avatar
    Thank you! I found it! Just a bit difficult to get to page number one in a thread.

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    02-03-16 06:38 PM

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