1. BlackSoulxxx's Avatar
    This is the latest Google suite patched for BB10.
    -Google Hangouts: v8.1.bla bla bla...
    -Google Youtube: v11.19.56...
    -Google Play Books: v3.8.15...
    All tested on Z10 STL100-1
    -Video Playback on Youtube is buggy, sometimes it work, sometimes dont. This could vary on OS ver and Devices itself. Strange issue indeed...I welcome all dev/user to look at this issue, this is the only roadblock to having fully Youtube experiences....
    -Download, unzip.
    -Update signatures in Google+ Whitelist using original ver included.
    Enough said...
    06-02-16 01:43 PM
  2. illitero's Avatar
    Oh man, the link is dead :/

    Hangouts is especially tough for me to get working right for some reason. I did it ONCE on a Classic and it was SLOOOWWWW and took forever to update; messages were severely delayed.
    10-22-16 01:18 AM
  3. rajgriwall21's Avatar
    The link is showing error

    Posted via CB10
    10-22-16 01:48 AM
  4. rchoubey1's Avatar
    Link error

    Posted via CB10
    10-22-16 10:44 AM
  5. Anwarul Haq's Avatar
    The link is not working, it's dead

    Posted via CB10
    10-24-16 12:00 PM
  6. ale solskjaer's Avatar
    Errrror link

    Posted via CB10
    10-30-16 06:01 AM

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