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    Hello fellow Canadians,
    Budweiser has been giving away Bluetooth enabled beer glasses, which have red LED lights in the bottom of the glass that you can sync to a hockey team of your choosing, so that when your team scores a goal your glass lights up immediately in real time. To do this, you need to download the Red Lights app from Google Play and set up and sync your glasses.
    When I install the red lights app on my Passport, it works fine right up to the point AFTER syncing the glass via Bluetooth and testing (glass briefly lights up). Then when you go to pick the team you want to follow in the app, it crashes.
    Has anyone had any success getting this app to work for BB10? I haven't tried patching it yet, but there are no mentions in the app about Play Services being necessary.
    Right now I'm using my kids' ipod to sync the glasses but wouldn't mind if I could get it to work on my phone.
    10-28-16 03:25 PM

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