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    Firstly, I've tried to change the extremely annoying Hofo (Howard Forums) Android App notification sound from the OEM BB10 "Normal" app notification - Essential (which it's not), but an annoying chicken/rooster sound.

    Attachment 360330

    Attachment 360331

    Attachment 360332

    Attachment 360333

    I've even silenced it but to no avail.

    Attachment 360334

    I've tried to go through file manager to see if I can find the Hofo Android App folder and locate sub folders containing this or any other elusive notification m4a sound files again with no luck.

    Is anyone else using the Hofo Android App and are annoyed by the push sound notifications? Even when I unsubscribe myself from the thread, I still get the damn sound notifications.

    If anyone knows on how to change and or silence the notification sounds...please let me know. Thx
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    07-01-15 08:06 AM
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    I used to go to Howard Forums! I hate to say this, but did you try asking there?
    09-04-15 02:03 PM

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