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    This may be a "correlation, not causation" thing, but it seems to me like ever since Verizon forced me to go from whichever leak I'd been running up to, none of my Android apps (most importantly, Waze) can see GPS info on my Z10. I get messages when I launch the apps that Location Services are disabled", yet I can run BB Maps just fine, and HelloGPS shows I'm connecting to satellites from horizon to horizon.

    Anyone else noticing anything similar, or have any suggestions about things to try? I have not been into my eScreens in months, so I know *I* didn't fat-finger anything... .

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    07-26-15 03:21 PM
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    Try performing a hard reset on your BlackBerry Z10. To do this, hold down both the Volume Up/Down keys together for at least 10 seconds until the device restarts. Once it has restarted, give it about ~3-5 minutes to start up the Android runtime, then launch one of your Android apps and see if the issue persists.
    07-26-15 03:33 PM
  3. emrys01's Avatar
    Yeah, tried that. Hell, even did battery pulls. Whatever it is, it persists across reboots.

    I'm currently using Ghost Commander to try poking around with the Manage function, to see if anything looks amiss...

    Thanks for the reply.

    07-26-15 03:38 PM
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    Waze from bbw is funny. On three occasions I had it quit working for no reason. Once after a week of trying to restart it produced an error message and did restart. The other two times I deleted and reloaded it.

    I think you'll need to delete it and reload it.

    Since the update I have had no problems with GPS for waze although I did update waze to the amazon version which is a nice upgrade from the bbw one.

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    07-26-15 04:54 PM
  5. emrys01's Avatar
    Y'know, I'm realizing that I just didn't put *nearly* enough information in the initial post of this thread...

    I had actually *been* running an Android version of it, to start! I don't remember why, anymore, but shortly after I first got my z10, which was almost exactly two years ago, I'd switched to that (coming from 1mobile or Snap, I think) from what, IIRC, was a native (read: BBW) version. Some new feature, or something, that wasn't available in the latest update on whichever site my very first install had come from...

    Anyway, I'd had no problems with it at all, until just recently. Then, right around when they pushed out 10.3.2.five-whatever, it just weirded out. By the time I posted here, I'd already whacked that (first, clearing data, to be extra safe, and then uninstalling), and reloaded it from BBW.

    Now, of course, the strangest thing of all is that, naturally, some time after I replied to the first person who'd responded to this thread was when I'd made the switch back to the BBW version, and while that initially was just as broken as what I'd been using for most of those first two years, it starts working again!! Aaaaghgghhhghhh!!

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    07-27-15 07:27 AM

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