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    I recently installed Amazon Music and have added a dozen or so albums using Prime for free. I don't like how when I go to play the albums it shows my entire music library on the SD card, not just what's from them. If I want to play the music I already own, I would rather use the BB10 stock music player. Is there a way I can change it to only show the albums downloaded via the app and not what's in my music folder? They do have 2 separate locations. Also, the permissions look a little intrusive. Has anyone seen that too and successfully changes the permissions so it doesn't auto-start and have access to the entire phone?
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    09-15-15 02:56 PM
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    Do go to settings and tell the app how to behave. The whole SD problem you mentioned would not be a problem if you had.

    On persmissions: You can't change permissions of Android apps. You can however try recompiling the app using Advanced Permissions Manager. Be advised, not all apps that auto-launch on BB10 have an auto-launch/headless/run in the background tag.

    It's just how crazy the runtime is.
    09-15-15 03:00 PM

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