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    Not sure if it's only me, but on my Z30 there are zero reviews for many apps in the Amazon App Store, and none of the reviews I leave ever show up.

    But if I look at the same apps on another Z10, there are more reviews, but not many, even for common apps that should have thousands of downloads.

    Are reviews device specific? Anyone else notice the same thing?

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    09-06-14 11:44 AM
  2. MaxFresh's Avatar
    Most reviews get screened it takes a day or 2 see if it shows up after then

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    09-06-14 11:51 AM
  3. pcondello's Avatar
    Most reviews get screened it takes a day or 2 see if it shows up after then
    There are reviews I've left months ago that never show up. Some good, some bad.

    I've usually mentioned whether the app works well or not on the Z30, so I'm thinking that perhaps my reviews are being banned for that reason?

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    09-06-14 12:10 PM
  4. Davantazh's Avatar
    I just left 2 reviews for two separate apps and was notified within 10 mins that my reviews were published on Amazon. You need to be properly registered with an Amazon account and have that email address set up on your Blackberry to get the notifications. Furthermore, every time I leave a review on Amazon I use the same headline, "Works On The New Blackberry Q10". This headline serves two purposes, 1st. it tells Blackberry 10 users that the app works and 2nd, it tells any android user that they can use Blackberry 10 devices with android apps. (Please note that I never leave a negative comment on Amazon about an android app that doesn't work on Blackberry)

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    09-07-14 01:30 AM
  5. pcondello's Avatar
    I've left reviews for Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Sketchbook Mobile and neither has shown up. I have an Amazon account and get a confirmation email each time I download an app.

    What apps did you leave reviews for? I'd like to see if I see them from my end.

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    09-07-14 05:48 AM
  6. Davantazh's Avatar
    Interestingly, the reviews don't automatically show up listed newest first, like on Blackberry World. I think the listing order automatically goes by "most helpful" unless you change the listing order to "newest first". Your reviews are probably there but you have to hunt through the list to see one just submitted. However there is an option to change listing order to view "newest first" so you can see yours on top of the pile. Users can also claim a review is "helpful" at the bottom of each review. Those can rise to the top of the "most helpful" list.
    I have reviewed:

    Camping Checklist

    When find an app review that mentions it works on Blackberry 10 I click "yes" at the bottom of the review.

    I hope this helps you find your review.

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    09-07-14 07:35 AM
  7. pcondello's Avatar
    See the attached screenshots, I don't see the reviews for either of the apps that you rated.

    And the Sketchbook Mobile shows zero reviews so I don't have to look far to know mine aren't showing up.


    Amazon Appstore App Reviews-img_20140907_122358.png

    Amazon Appstore App Reviews-img_20140907_122335.png

    Amazon Appstore App Reviews-img_20140907_122111.png

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    09-07-14 10:34 AM
  8. Davantazh's Avatar
    Here are screenshots:

    Amazon Appstore App Reviews-img_20140907_162545.png
    Amazon Appstore App Reviews-img_20140907_162405.png

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    09-07-14 03:26 PM
  9. Davantazh's Avatar
    Ok. I see your are accessing Amazon from Canada. I'm in US.
    Evidently there is a difference because here, Fidelity app has 157 and Camping has 200 reviews.

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    09-07-14 03:38 PM
  10. Davantazh's Avatar
    You could always try calling Amazon customer service.

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    09-07-14 03:41 PM
  11. pcondello's Avatar
    I've sent the question out to Amazon cust service. I'll share the response.

    I agree it is good to get the feedback out to both other BB10 users as well as Android users. Especially if Amazon will become the official BlackBerry sanctioned Android store with 10.3.

    I'm willing to embrace the Amazon Store (and even overlook for the time being how sluggish the appstore app is), but it's at least got to be a somewhat finished product, not a half-measure that sort-of works. I don't see any valid reason why app reviews should be device and/or region specific.

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    09-07-14 04:38 PM
  12. pcondello's Avatar
    I got a response back from Amazon:

    "Thanks for contacting us at Amazon.com.
    Please be informed, app reviews were not device and/or region specific."

    They went on to ask me to call in directly to better diagnose the issue. I did talk to a support person who couldn't figure out why my reviews were not showing up, but did say that on the website the Amazon App Store reviews are not region specific, but on the device they would be depending if I have the Amazon US or Amazon Canada Appstore installed. (I doubt there is a separate APK for US/Canada, I think he meant if my Amazon account is US/Canada). He escalated the issue to their Appstore development team.

    Anyway, I left a review for R-Type a few days ago and it appears to have shown up in the Amazon Canada store only.

    I tried just opening up two browser windows, one to amazon.com and one to amazon.ca, searched for "R-Type", and lo and behold, the US store has 123 reviews and the Canada store has 2 reviews, one of which is mine.

    US Store:

    Canada Store:

    So, as it turns out, app reviews for Amazon are in fact region specific, which is unfortunate.
    09-15-14 08:50 AM
  13. Davantazh's Avatar
    Not sure what to make of it all but it seems the more reviews the better, so why be region specific? As long as reviews are in the same language. At any rate, I like having Amazon App store even if not as good as native, it has closed the "app gap" for me.
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    09-15-14 05:57 PM

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