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    Everybody loves a good trashy, freemium hidden object game.
    This was pretty much an instant commercial success when launched on iOS and Android a week or two ago.


    The game is called Agent Alice, and I originally tried to install it on my iOS 6 iPhone 4S while I was waiting for my BlackBerry to come back from repair, only to find that it requires iOS 7, which I despise and therfore, I am refusing to "upgrade" to.

    My Z10 came back today so I sideloaded the game.
    It seemed to run perfectly, until I reached the end of the first episode, after that, the game halted stating that "You need an internet connection to download additional content." Needless to say, the phone is connected to an internet connection.
    I'm guessing the Android layer is blocking the download of OBB files or something.
    This happens over celluar data and Wi-Fi. On Wi-Fi, I've checked our proxy logs to see if the device is actually making a request to download files, but it seems it isn't even trying. However, I know the game can access the internet because when completing a task with a highscore, the game seems to call home, which appears in the proxy logs.

    This means I can't progress in the game further than the first episode, which isn't all that long.

    Does anybody know any way around this?
    Is it possible to install some type of Google Services Framework to work around this?

    Thanks in advance.
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    03-06-15 02:00 PM
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    03-06-15 02:03 PM
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    Hi, thanks for the link. Unfortunately it did not work for me because the Gmaps patcher, when attempting to rebuild an the App's package causes my laptop to just cut off - i.e. not shut down, like if you removed the power cord and battery, the modified Google Play Services and LuckyPatcher seemed to work, until I started the App, then I got a message saying "Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped working".
    Obviously, the Agent Alice still claims that there is no internet connection. Quite a shame really because this app seemed to work brilliantly on the Z10, but has been crippled by Google Play dependencies.
    I've contacted Wooga, the developer, asking if they are considering bringing Agent Alice to the Amazon Appstore (they already have some of their other popular apps there) but I haven't heard a reply from them yet.
    03-08-15 09:12 PM
  4. ameva's Avatar
    I'm having the same exact problem as you, someone7272. I can't get to episode 2 of the game, because of the same message. Have you found a solution yet?
    05-16-15 05:20 PM
  5. Someone7272's Avatar
    I'm having the same exact problem as you, someone7272. I can't get to episode 2 of the game, because of the same message. Have you found a solution yet?
    This current version of this app no longer works, simply crashes at launch and says "Unfortunately, Agent Alice has stopped working."
    10-18-15 02:38 PM

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