1. melten's Avatar

    I am planning to buy screen protector for my Torch. Currently I'm looking at Zagg invisibleshield product. Is there any opinions about it? Is it hard to install?

    11-22-10 05:32 PM
  2. ericxd's Avatar
    I didnt have a good experience with ZAGG, dont get me wrong these type of installs all takes time and patience. I just didnt like the orange peel material. I'd go with Clear-Coat, that's what I use since 9700.
    11-22-10 07:31 PM
  3. DawgMan's Avatar
    I have the Zagg on my Torch. I agree it does take some trial and error and patience to install. Make sure you use plenty of the solution provided with the kit. I guess got lucky, mine is very straight, smooth and no air bubbles. There are several other products that will provide great screen protection besides Zagg. That was just my choice.

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    11-22-10 07:59 PM
  4. aznlgcy's Avatar
    I have always had great experiences with ZAGG; great protection.
    11-22-10 08:14 PM
  5. vanesserstation's Avatar
    I had a zagg on my 8320 and it takes patience and time to apply; you can't just slap it on there. I bought one for my 9700 but I removed it b/c I didn't do a good job putting it on. It's a great product and really does protect you phone.
    11-23-10 06:33 PM
  6. dudermont's Avatar
    Before I had my torch we had 2 curves and I ordered a invisible shield from Zagg and another one from BestSkinsEver. I preferred the BSE. It had better coverage, and was 1/3rd the price.

    Now we have 2 Torchs and I went with Ghost Armor and BSE, and again I prefer the BSE. It has less peices and covers more.

    I suggest BSE.

    my 2 cents.
    11-23-10 07:12 PM
  7. richxps's Avatar
    those of you who use the skin, do you also use a case or just the skin ?
    11-29-10 10:22 AM
  8. VZWman1987's Avatar
    I agree with BSE. Better product. I also use a case with mine just to be safe.
    11-29-10 10:24 AM
  9. DawgMan's Avatar
    I use the Zagg only, no case. Some time ago there was a thread about a screen/device protector, Stealth Guard, they were offering free device protectors similar to Zagg, all you had to do was pay a couple of bucks for shipping. I ordered two of them, they were easy to install and give a little extra grip without feeling tacky.

    11-29-10 10:33 AM
  10. FRanatic's Avatar
    Tried the zaggshield on my 9700. Put it on, hated the install process.
    Hated the look and feel. Took it off the next day and returned it for a refund, which I recieved.
    So no zagg for me anymore.

    Now I use a nice brando screenprotector and the provided pouch.

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    12-04-10 05:20 AM
  11. YJGUY's Avatar
    Maybe it's just because I've installed these screen protectors a few times but I think they are pretty easy to install. I just put on zagg screen protector on my 9780 and my wifes iPhone 4 this weekend and it took about 10 minutes.

    As far as zagg vs. best skin ever, I prefer zagg. I've used it on a few iPhones and blackberry's in the past and never had an issue. It's thicker and has stood up to all the abuse I've thrown at them without ever tearing or getting marked up. I somehow ripped 2 Best skin ever screen protectors on my last Bold 9700.

    As for installing them, just follow the zagg instructions.

    - pull the battery from the phone

    - Clean you screen

    - wash your hands

    - spray the device screen with about 2 pumps of solution

    - spray your finger tips so the material doesn't stick

    - spray the screen protector with the solution

    - line up the protector along the top of the device and then let it set down. Make sure it lines up vertically with the edges. If not, pull it up and start again before you squeegee any water out.

    - use the squeegee and slowly start working the water out from the top moving left to right using a circle motion. (A bit of water on top helps it glide) Try and get all the bubbles out as you go along. Don't just squeegee the whole thing quickly and then go back. It will be harder to work the bubbles out that way and you will end up stretching the material trying to work them out.

    - once you get to the bottom, use a lint free towel to soak up the water.

    - Let the device sit overnight to dry out. Any remaining little bubbles will go away after a day or two.

    As I mentioned, I did my new Berry and my wife's iPhone on the weekend and they look perfect now. Zero bubbles. There is a bit of an orange peel look when the screen is off but once the screen is on you can't notice it. The Best Skin Ever was the same way. Since they are both a stretchy material, I don't think they is a way to get around that. You'd have to use a more rigid plastic screen protector similar to what comes with a lot of cases.
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    12-06-10 08:35 AM
  12. ba_hamilton's Avatar
    I used Invisible Shield on my Storm and liked it. I only wish I had installed it when I first got my Storm. I liked the slightly tacky feel it gave my phone. I only installed it on the screen and on the back. I did not bother doing the sides. It still provided satisfactory protection. It's easy to install but you have to take your time and do it carefully. YJGUY provides a good lesson on how to do it.
    12-07-10 02:31 PM
  13. yybenedb's Avatar
    My experience with Zagg was not good.

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    12-09-10 10:30 PM
  14. Scarlett's Avatar
    I've used Zagg on numerous devices. Most recently I put it on my Torch and had a few bubbles I wasn't able to get out. The next morning the bubbles were gone and the screen was totally smooth. They have come out with a dry install for the iPhone and it was awesome. I don't know if they have it for other devices yet or not. I just ordered the leathershield and screen protector for my iPad.
    12-09-10 11:35 PM
  15. era3z's Avatar
    Used it on my 9000.. doesn't work well... it does protect you from the scratch and even the drop... but I'm telling you, you will need a lot and a lot of patience to put it on perfectly....... plus... the orange peel looks.... I decided to remove the zagg and throw it away...

    Used it on my 9800... hoped that orange peel look was just an accident or just a defect product... Got worse... didn't fit well... well... I guess I'm unlucky with Zagg.... Friends told me to ask for a FREE replacement.... asked the CS and they asksd me for a shipping cost.... a big no-no... FREE means FREE... if Zagg doesn't want to pay for the shipping cost, they sould say FREE replacement (product only, without shipping cost)...

    Tried BSE (bestskinever).... WORKS LIKE CHARM... doesn't need all those patience... doesn't bring up that orange peel look...

    So I don't recommend the Zagg.. but maybe I'm just the one (or maybe two times) of the unlucky 5% they stated that have the defective product..
    12-10-10 09:20 PM
  16. joe.kent's Avatar
    I had one one mine until about 2weeks ago....tore it off and went naked until today. Today I put the one on that came with the otter box....so far so good with it...

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    12-10-10 09:58 PM
  17. shamoo711's Avatar
    I only use Zagg screen protectors. I tried a few others, but I just loved the customer service of Zagg. When I was trying to put a protector on my newer Torch, I messed up and got in touch with their customer service.

    I explained that I tried but I messed up - they said "no problem, well ship you a new one right away." So maybe I just got lucky, but I am a loyal Zagg customer!
    12-11-10 04:41 PM