1. wiz1events's Avatar
    ZAGG - InvisibleSHIELD 50% percent off your order
    I am at CES this week and came across this code and it works too
    Your total order sweet huh
    01-09-09 01:53 AM
  2. resq330's Avatar
    No go....Just tried it and it didn't work.
    01-09-09 07:14 AM
  3. babegirlbanks's Avatar
    this worked for me

    its a zero before the 9
    01-09-09 07:24 AM
  4. resq330's Avatar
    ah! I'll try that one then. Thanks.
    01-09-09 08:28 AM
  5. mcschulz's Avatar
    Is it difficult to apply the invisible shield? I mean without it look sloppy?
    01-09-09 11:18 AM
  6. d_1000's Avatar
    As long as you use SHOWSP09, it works great...I bought it. Great timing.

    Thank you.
    01-10-09 09:22 PM
  7. RicanMedic78's Avatar
    AWESOME! It worked!!!
    01-11-09 08:39 AM
  8. RicanMedic78's Avatar
    I had to do it twice tho
    01-11-09 08:40 AM
  9. ultran00b's Avatar
    Worked well.
    01-11-09 06:01 PM
  10. resq330's Avatar
    Worked for me! I ordered 2 of them!
    01-13-09 10:21 AM
  11. jphillips10's Avatar
    Ordered 2! One for me & one for the wife's LG.
    01-13-09 12:30 PM
  12. ErikAtTheW's Avatar
    I ordered mine last week, then I saw this thread. I sent them an email and they refunded me 50% of my order total!
    Pretty cool of them I thought!
    01-13-09 02:06 PM
  13. Big_VT_Rob's Avatar
    The code worked for me, half off.

    I applied a full body to my Treo a couple years ago. It was pretty easy, you just have to take your time. It looked great, and more importantly, worked great. It's still on the Treo and still looks and works great. I'll always have Invisible Shield on my gear.

    01-16-09 03:13 PM
  14. asp13's Avatar
    Sweet I was just about to buy a couple more for my new phones. Good timing
    01-16-09 07:05 PM
  15. LordAthens's Avatar
    bah. Code is dead. For some reason, it still gave me 20% off though.
    01-21-09 01:21 PM