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    I seem to remember back when I was comparing protective skins for my old 8900, Zagg vs. BSE, the only factor I found in favor of Zagg at that time was they used 3 pieces for the main nav buttons instead of one for each button (phone, BB, back and end), though my memory may be mistaken there. It may have simply been just cut more precisely around the curve of the trackball to have it appear more seamless.

    I ended up going with the BSE, and was very pleased with it overall. However, in the last couple months (before my 8900 disappeared in Prague), the nav button covers started to lift a bit and move around. I was about to remove them entirely.

    Now that I have my new 9780, I'm likely going with BSE again for the value/quality, but am wondering if Zagg still does 1 piece for the BB/back button combination or how they deal with that? BSE is 4 square pieces again. Looking at the trackpad vs. the trackball, not sure how BSE could do 1 piece or make it more seamless, but thought I'd come here to ask those who may
    01-12-11 07:26 PM