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    This is cool progress. The relatively short battery life of Bluetooth headsets leading to yet another object to have to constantly charge has always put me off purchasing one - the geek factor when worn other than when you are driving a car is at least questionable too

    The World's first solar powered Bluetooth headset is available now. The big question is, is it compatible with a Blackberry?

    "If you thought Bluetooth headsets couldn't get any better, think again. The Iqua Sun is the worlds first solar powered Bluetooth headset. Light and compact the Iqua Sun Bluetooth headset looks simple and modern in design, but delivers on performance.

    The Iqua Sun combines first-rate technology with elegance and innovation, drawing its power directly from the sun giving you complete freedom, for the first time, from any charging devices.

    Amazingly, the Iqua Sun weighs just 14 grams and fits directly into the ear, worn in complete comfort without the need for an uncomfortable ear hook. The headset boasts an impressive 200 hours standby time, and 9 hours talk time in complete darkness"

    Save energy and time with the Iqua Sun Bluetooth headset.

    The worlds first solar powered Bluetooth headset
    Energy efficient design
    Compatible with a range of devices, including mobile phones, PDA's, and personal computers (with a Bluetooth PC adapter)
    No ear hook ensures comfort
    14 grams
    9 Hours talk time in darkness - useful for those who don't get out much
    Up to 200 hours standby time
    Cost 49.99

    Iqua BHS-603 SUN Bluetooth Headset - Orange Accessories
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