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    After a couple of months with an iPhone 4, I'm coming back to BlackBerry, I think the upcoming devices look great, and I'm really excited for the future, I decided to sell my iPhone 4, and pick up another Torch, and also decided to pick up my favourite Torch accessory, the OEM leather pocket from Amazon.

    However right when I opened the package, I knew something was up with what I was sent even before I took it out of the plastic, and sure enough, I was sent a counterfeit. Exactly the same style counterfeit one of my torch-rocking-friends was sent back in January, which Amazon told her had been "removed from sale" as it was being fulfilled by Amazon through an FBA merchant (FBA is Fulfilment by Amazon, meaning third parties send their items to Amazon, who then send them out from their distribution facilities).

    While I'm aware counterfeits are nothing new, I'm righting this because these are being sold as "genuine OEM" and being sold at exactly the same price as the real thing, and Amazon are currently showing a total lack of concern about this. So far I've received a fake pocket, and also managed to end up with a fake holster.

    I went ahead and snapped some photos, and did a little write-up guide which I had sent to some of my new-torch-rocking-friends, so that could know if they end up with fake or legitimate accessories too, and thought I'd share it with CrackBerry members too.

    Key Indicator #1, Reflectivity of the BlackBerry emblem on the product.

    A real holster/pocket will have the BlackBerry logo embossed dead centre on the top of the case, and the logo will be comprised of small chrome coated plastic pieces glued into the material. As seen above.

    A fake holster/pocket will have the same BlackBerry logo embossing, however it may be off-centre, it will also feature the logo comprised of small pieces of non-reflective, white plastic. As seen above.

    Key Indicator #2, Side closing stitch.

    A real holster/pouch will have a bright red, vertical closing stitch, which makes the seam stronger, and prevents the case from separating when you insert your phone into it. You can just make it out in the photo above, but if you can't, I attached a screenshot from CrackBerry Kevin's holster review on YouTube, which shows it more clearly.

    A fake holster/pouch will have no vertical closing stitch at all. This is why these counterfeits are breaking apart so quickly, because the threads weaken rather quickly (within about 60 days with constant use) and then begin to break, which causes the entire case to fail soon after. You can see this on the photo above.

    Key Indicator #3 - Item packaging.

    This is the least reliable method of uncovering a counterfeit, but it's worth mentioning.

    Real products will show up in either a non-welded blister pack (meaning you can open it easily, unlike those one's you need open with a chainsaw...) or a simple, non-marked, clear plastic bag.

    The blister pack will be pretty simple, and will feature the product listed on the front.

    Non-Retail marked packages will come in a simple plastic bag, and will feature a sticker with a product number, product name, occasionally a carrier product number, and will usually say "Made in China", "Made in Japan" or "Made in Indonesia".

    The product numbers you need be looking for are as follows:
    Leather Pocket for the Torch (Black): HDW-31013-001, HDW-31013-002
    Leather Pocket for the Torch (Pink/White): HDW-31015-001
    Leather Pocket for the Torch (Black/Pink): HDW-31015-002
    Leather Holster for the Torch: HDW-31012-001

    Don't assume a counterfeiter will use the right product number, since it's easy to find, because the fake I received didn't even use the correct product number, making it even easier to spot. My fake pocket came with product number HDW-25580-008, obviously a fake.

    If you purchase an item through Amazon, simply open a return on the item, and walk through the steps to return the product to them, getting in touch with them is totally useless, as they simply can't/aren't willing to do anything about it.

    If you purchased an item like this on eBay, Get in touch with the seller (who is often in Hong Kong, but not always) and inform them that your displeased, often they'll refund you the purchase price of the item (sans any shipping) in exchange for not being left any negative feedback.

    Hopefully this didn't get to be too long a post, and I'm hoping this will help people in the market for Torch accessories (or accessories for their devices in general) and want the real thing.
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