1. cod500's Avatar
    How come when I download a movie that is say 300 mb, it will show up on the curve as taking 600mb? What i am doing wrong?
    10-03-09 04:19 AM
  2. deejayburnout's Avatar

    Where are you downloading the file from.

    Might sound like a daft question but how do you know its taking 600MB.

    Are you checking the individual file properties or the used space on the SD card.

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    10-03-09 04:54 AM
  3. cod500's Avatar
    Well when I download the file, i see how big it is. Then when i put it on the blackberry it is much bigger.
    10-03-09 04:55 AM
  4. deejayburnout's Avatar
    That's is well wierd.

    Have you tried backing up all the data on your sd card then reformtting the card then trying again.

    Might be a error on the card. Maybe this might fix it.

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    10-03-09 05:44 AM
  5. DrkGhst87's Avatar
    Is the file being formated again when you put it on the BB? With my last phone if it wasn't the right file type that plays on the BB it had to be converted, making the size of the movie bigger....
    10-09-09 03:14 AM